The Andalite Chronicles has ratings and reviews. Ashley said: Okay, first, I feel like I need to preface this review by confessing that if I ha. The Andalite Chronicles (Animorphs Chronicles, #1), Alloran’s Choice (The Andalite Chronicles, #2), and An Alien Dies (The Andalite Chronicles, #3). His name is Elfangor-Sirinial-Shamtul. An Andalite War Prince. The one who gave five young humans the ability to morph into any animal they touch. They are .

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I can’t remember if that is chrlnicles or not in the end hide spoiler ] I enjoyed this side of Elfangor because if you only know him from the Animorphs you have this sense that he was a wise and very accomplished warrior. As he dies, he expresses hope for the future.

Narrated by Elfangor-Sirinial-Shamtulthe book tells the story of how the young Andalite aristh rose to the rank of princewith the events of the tale taking place after the main story of The Hork-Bajir Chronicles and leading up to his final moments in The Invasion. Right when you think chronickes didn’t care so much about Elfangor — or, perhaps, did care about him but had gotten over his death — then this breaks you right along those mended cracks and makes it so much worse.

If you can overlook the fact that it is meant for younger people and just concentrate on the plot and the more adult themes, I highly recommend this book. I reread this book until it was in tatters, but somehow forgot it existed until just this moment.


The Andalite Chronicles

He told Elfangor that he will stay now with the Living Hive and help out the Taxxons win against the Yeerks. My reviews of Animorphs: Elfangor tried to locate him but to no avail. Chapman seems like David in the sense of focusing on how he can make the alien interaction work for him. I wish we’d seen a little bit more development in Loren and Elfangor’s relationship — but I think that’s a product of the age group for whom this was written.

Want to Read saving…. And again with Chapman Loren had forgotten her but their son will remain to exist. It’s bigmore than twice the size of a regul hahhaaha oh no oh noooooooooo I finished this book teary and emotional in a Pret A Manger.

I just reread Andalite Chronicles and it anralite didn’t awe me like it did when I was 13! Applegate ‘s Animorphs series. It’s in this book that we find out Andalites have a translator chip that figures out languages by listening to them and can translate, which explains their ability to understand alien species. Azaam rated it it was amazing May 19, As a kid, I completely missed this, so it was super fun seeing it now as an adult!

The Andalite Chronicles | Seerowpedia | FANDOM powered by Wikia

It was outside the ship. Yes, this is where we find out that Tobias’s parents are Loren and Elfangor in human morph. I read this after reading Animorphs 15 but I think I could have read this after 13 when view spoiler [Tobias gets his morphing powers back. Turns out there are some Taxxons still resisting the Yeerks.


Keith rated it it was amazing Jan 13, The Visser just threw the hork-bajir but was still aboard. Neila Wilson rated it it was amazing Sep 28, Then, when they had arrived to the specific place, Elfangor hid the Time Matrix.

He reached it, a construction site now which was a forest before. But there is, by far, a single crowning moment of awesome in The Andalite Chronicles: Be prepared to have your heart take a pummeling. This Chronicle really brings him to life full of insecurities and flaws. Jan 13, Dave rated it it was amazing Shelves: He saw a line curving from him and Loren.

Together they locate the Skrit Na ship that holds the Time Matrix and bluff their way on claiming they are there for repairs and are able to steal it.

Enough with the vagues! He disgraced the human specie. Notable moments and inconsistencies: It takes its heroes, shows them terrible things, has them make terrible choices, and then shows us how those choices have long-term consequences on those heroes.

I’m glad I came came back and revisited it. After finding the Time Matrix to get close to it, they discover that time fhronicles up and they each age several years very quickly, Loren ends up around 18Elfangor tells Loren to take control and bring them to Earth.

Amie rated it it was amazing Apr 14,