EKi. Request Quote. Versatile Weighing Ranges and Robust Design. Compact rugged design and reliable SG Weighing Technology; Versatile single. The new EK-i Compact Balances have been designed with enhanced electronics , wider selection of capacities & resolutions, and remote-zeroing. All feature. Class 2 digital scale priced so low the manufacturer prevents us from showing the actual selling price on the EKi Legal for Trade, NTEP Approved, Class II .

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The final approval of the device in a specific installation rests with the State, Local, or Federal weights and measures official who determines if the device meets all Handbook 44 requirements, including installation and suitability requirements.

AND Weighing EK-1200i Everest Digital Scales, 1200 x 0.1 g, Legal For Trade

To capacity by subtraction. Installation is the same for the EKi. When fully charged you’ll have approximately 9 hours of scale operating time.

These scales does not use regular batteries. What comes with the scale, how do you setup the scale, where do the batteries go, found the underhook?? To view this site, you must enable JavaScript or upgrade to a JavaScript-capable browser.

Now you can add a layer of protection against accidental spills when mixing inks, dyes or other weighing application when a amd fingers might not always be clean. In a non-NTEP State, for example, a device may not need an NTEP Certificate of Conformance to be used in a commercial application; it may simply be required to meet Handbook 44 requirements and comply with any additional State weights and measures requirements.


Abd scale division e. Whether the scale is turned On or Off if one applies e,-1200i excessive load or shocks the platform you can permanently damage any scale.

EK-i/EW-i Series Compact Balances | Balances | Weighing | Products | A&D

Now the new EK-i Compact Balances have been designed to carry on their tradition ek-1200 enhanced capacities and resolutions, and EW-i series comes with attractive triple ranges of weight. See More See Less. All your questions can be answered by watching this informative YouTube video above.

Displayed scale ek-1200i d. Optional v AC adapter part number TB: Weighing units are clearly indicated on the display to ensure correct unit of measurement is recorded.

A&D EK 1200i Scale

Legal for trade means you can safely use this scale to buy and sell by weight while meeting all state and federal legal requirements. Be the first to Write a Review. Download For Additional Specifications.

Many of the topics discussed are applicable to the EKi so it is a video we recommend you watch to better understand the functionality, capabilities and operation of the EK Series electronic scales. NTEP testing does not “assign a legal for trade status” to a device, it simply indicates that the device evaluated has been found to comply with Handbook What happens if you need to operate the scale and there is no electrical outlet available?

The optional EJ case is a low cost scale insurance policy to protect your scale. In addition, user can select the weighing mode s needed, and lock out those weighing modes you desire “not to be use.


ACAI works automatically when using the counting function. Simply to use keypad with tactile push buttons. Counting Min unit weight.

Are you looking for greater weighing capacity and a digital scale that increments in 0. Well there is an answer to your dilemma, but it requires you to purchase the optional EKWi rechargeable battery pack.

A&D Weighing EKi NTEP jewelry buyer scale Balance – Precision Weighing Balances

The EKJ g x 0. There is also an optional not supplied rechargeable battery pack OP There are some slight differences mainly the EKi only reads to 0. We also review the features of the scale, how it operates and how to calibrate the EK scale. These 3 models are Class II weighing devices with a verification scale division e equal to 0.

Cap g x Read g.

Javascript is disabled on your browser. Watch the video above to see how to install the optional EKWi rechargeable battery pack. For the EKJ the maximum weighing capacity is grams and “d” value of scale division is 0. This carrying scale is convenient for transporting the digital scale or just storing your scale when not in use to lessen the chance of damage to the precision measurement weigh sensor.

To understand the parts counting mode and ACAI better click here.

How about a scale that operates on standard AA batteries verses the expensive rechargeable battery battery required for the EKi.