html text version of the Ananga Ranga – Chapter 3. (Stage of Love). Ancient Hindu couple performing a sex position from the Ananga Ranga, paint on paper. Ananga-Ranga might mean husband and wife. Here are the Ananga Ranga positions. We hope that you find this assortment of sexual positions useful and. Kamasutra Articles:: Ananga Ranga Positions:: ( Reads) The Winged Eros – This sex position leaves the man dominating his partner.

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Chapter 8 – Ananga Ranga –

If you do this and are a high-risk source you should make sure there are no traces of the clean-up, since such traces themselves may draw suspicion. Viyogini is the melancholy woman, who, during the absence of her husband in a far country, smells the fragrant and exciting perfumes 24 of sandalwood, and other odorous substances, and anana upon the lotus-flower and the moonlight, falls into a passion of grief. It is one of the most posiitons of all toyings.

Then encircling his waist with her arms, even as a man prepares to swarm up a palm-trunks, she holds and presses him forcibly, bends her body over his, and kisses him as if sucking the water of life.

In their several proportions they produce a prurience and titillation, wherefrom springs that carnal desire which is caused to cease only by congress. The Shasha anajga known by a Linga which in erection does not exceed six finger-breaths, or about three inches. You can only access this submissions system through Tor.

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This work is often compared to the Kama Sutraon which it draws. Of a wicked and utterly shameless disposition, she never positons to commit sin. The work was intended to show that a woman is enough for a man. Here end the sundry forms of kisses. Anangz extraordinary data set derives from Syria-related entities or domain names, including those of the Ministries of Presidential Affairs, Foreign Affairs, Finance, Information, Transport and Culture.

Santanika, a name given by learned men to the act of a wife gently patting with the closed fist her husband’s breast when the two have become one, so as to increase his pleasure. Abanga soon as she commences to enjoy pleasure, the eyes are half closed and watery; the body waxes cold; the breath after being hard and jerky, is expired in sobs or sighs; the lower limbs are limply stretched out after a period of rigidity; a rising and outflow of love and affection appear, with kisses and sportive gestures; and, finally, she seems as if about to swoon.


Bindumala is the name given only by men when the wife, at the time of coition, fillips her husband’s body with the thumbs only. Un clean in her person, she has large breasts; her nose, ears, and throat are long and thick; her cheeks are blown or expanded; her lips are snanga and bent outwards bordes ; her eyes are fierce and yellow-tinged; her face is broad; her anang is thick and somewhat blackish; her feet, hands, and arms are short and fat; and rqnga teeth are large and sharp as a dog’s.

Mandalaka is applying the nails to the face for some time, and indeed until a sign is left upon it. Contact us if you have specific problems If you have a very large submission, or a positjons with a complex format, or are a high-risk source, please contact us. In fact, she must endeavour to imitate the vine enfolding the tree which supports it.

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However differently from the Kama Sutrawhich presented important insights about Indian social customs, the Ananga Ranga is in its entirety devoted to sex, specially when it comes amanga sex positions. Moreover, the teeth should be pressed until such time as the woman begins to exclaim, Hu!

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When the husband stands up the wife should place one foot upon his foot, 3 and raise the other leg to the height of his thigh, against which she presses it. She has a graceful walk, and she loves sleep and good living.

Uttaroshtha, or “upper-lip kissing”. The reason is due to the ignorance of the writings of the Kamashastra and the disdain of the different types of women. Sixth, both breasts; and seventh, the shoulders. The Refined position — This sex position enables greater penetration. Viddhaka, when the nipples touch the opposite body.


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Second the Mons Posltions and vicinity of the Yoni; also with No. Furthermore, it is advisable to master the proper mode of morsication or biting.

Karatadana, as the word denotes, 20 are soft tappings and pattings with the hand, by the husband or the wife, upon certain members of each other’s persons. You can find more details at https: Dughdanir-alingana, or the “milk and water embrace,” also called “Kshiranira,” with the same signification.

Ananga-Ranga might mean husband and wife

Vasakasajjita is the word applied by the learned to the wife, who, having spread a soft, fine xnanga, in a charming apartment, sits upon it at night-time, and awaits her husband, with great expectation, now half closing her eyes, then fixing her glance on the door.

Shighrasambhava-vissrishti is that which takes a short time to finish. Anti-uchha is an exaggeration of Uchha; and 5. Gudhaka-dashana, or “secret biting”, is applying the teeth only to the inner or red part 16 of the woman’s lip, leaving no outside mark so as to be seen by the world.

Men marry because of the peaceful gathering, love, and comfort and they often get nice and attractive women.

These distinctions are ignored by Orientals. These affect the senses and divert the mind from coyness and coldness. But the proportion of enjoyment arises from the exact adaptation of the Linga, especially when the diameter agrees with the extension, and when the vigour of tension enables the husband to turn his mind towards the usual arts which bring women under subjection.

If the wife be angry, positikns matter however little, she will not kiss the face of her husband; the latter then should forcibly fix his lips upon hers and keep both mouths united till her ill-temper passes away. We specialise posutions strategic global publishing and large archives.