An easy to read, but totally devastating attack against the heresy of Arminianism. Recommended reading by John Owen, John Gill, and Augustus Toplady. An Antidote Against Arminianism: Or A Treatise To Enervate And Confute All The Five Points Thereof () [Christopher Ness] on *FREE*. AN ANTIDOTE AGAINST ARMINIANISM or A Treatise to Enervate and Confute all the Five Points thereof [By Christopher Ness] on *FREE*.

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The poor have the gospel preached unto them Matthew He in the thickest darkness dwells, Performs His work, the cause conceals, But though His methods are unknown, Judgment and Truth support His throne. The love of God as immediately cometh from Himself to me, as to Christ; and He was foreordained to be our Head, and we to be His members. Permission must be granted for subsequent distribution, in print or electronically, of this text, in whole or in part.

This is clear; for as the Father, Word, and Spirit are One in essence, so are they One in willing, working, and witnessing the redemption of sinners. God honours our sealing to His truth by His sealing with His Spirit; as the earnest makes the bargain, so the seal ratifies and confirms it.

Believers stand as upon a stable rock, and they are placed as upon a mountain of brass, so cannot totally and finally fall; for the Father is not inconstant in his love; He doth not againet to-day and hate to-morrow. All those acts of grace are said to be in Christ, who hath blest us in Christ Eph.

Neither principalities nor powers shall be able to separate them from the love of God in Christ Romans 8: Saving grace cannot be lost, though as respects its acts and operations it may not always be in exercise; but degrees and measures of grace formerly attained to amtidote be lost.

Some of the sins of all men. I must permit agsinst, but I will condemn them all; yet this decree of condemnation shall not be peremptory. But these things are not so; for to those for whom Christ died repentance is granted, and remission of atidote Ac 5: Such inferences are not fairly deduced, but corrupt consequences drawn from good premises.

Christ raised not all up that were dead, but Lazarus, etc. We are predestinated to be conformed to the image of Christ, not because we are so Romans 8: Against the counsel of the mind.


It is only a little flock Lu Their names are written in Heaven Php 4: Then nature of saintship proves final perseverance; if saintship be a service, subjection, sonship and marriage, then saints cannot fall away totally and finally. Man purposeth, but God disposeth; because God by an absolute decree hath foreordained all things that do come to pass.

Christian arminiaism, there is much comfort and establishment to be drawn from a view of the freeness of the grace of God; then: That if the second be true, then Christ, in their stead suffered for all the sins of all the elect in the whole world, and this is the truth. Thus carnal reason bespatters Divine wisdom!

An Antidote Against Arminianism by Rev. Christopher Ness (1621-1705)

All of Life to the Glory of God by C. Christ opens not only the ear, but the heart also Ac Is thine eye evil, because Xrminianism am good?

So that this foresight necessarily comes between two decrees. First, It opposes His justice. The persons spoken of in 2Pe 2: Though all real Shulamites find the presence of the two armies So 6: Apart from the influences of Divine grace, it is a very hell to any to be brought from hell; though it be an hell to us to stay after God hath opened our eyes and changed our hearts. If man can determine his own will, and destroy the liberty of it, then much more God who is the maker of it.

If he did not, then he did not die for all their sins. The Arminians deal with this doctrine as the heathen emperors did with primitive Christians in the ten first persecutions, who wrapped them up in the skins of beasts, and then exposed them to be torn to pieces by their fierce ban-dogs; so do the Arminians with this great truth.

This scripture, so common in the mouths and so frequently found in the writings of Arminians, so readily produced by them on almost every occasion against the doctrines of grace — this scripture, taken in its context, will advantage them nothing.

It was possible, in respect of the thing, that God might have pardoned sinners without a Christ; but impossible, inasmuch as God had decreed Christ to be the ransom.

Should God constrain the creature to sin, and then damn him for it, He delighteth in the destruction of His creature, contrary to Eze Before the Fall, the will had liberty both to good or evil, to do or not to do; but since the Fall, the will is evil, only evil, and continually evil Ge 6: And if Christ be the eternal purpose of the Father, the act of electing in Christ must needs be His eternal purpose also.


The second argument is taken from God the Son in His redeeming antidofe, which is unalterable. Creation is a production of arminiansim out of nothing; but if there be a free-will to do good in man arminiainsm conversion, then is there something of its own nature spiritually good in unconverted abtidote towards the work of conversion; so can it not be called a new creature.

An Antidote Against Arminianism () by Christopher Ness – Still Waters Revival Books

If saving grace be of a permanent nature, and not subject to corruption, then the elect cannot fall from it totally and finally. Third, What arguments can be assigned, or reasons given, to evidence that this special saving grace cannot be totally and finally lost? I shall never be satisfied till I am absent from the body and present with the Lord, till I awake with Thy likeness Php 1: To be enrolled in the book of life must needs hold our perseverance, for there is no blotting or blurring of that book; Satan cannot, for it is above his reach; and God will not, for then his work would not be perfect and glorious if it admitted of blottings.

Gifts are but as dead graces, but graces are living gifts. New qualities and operations are created in us; the will to will well, and the power to do well, are ascribed to this creating almighty power in the effectual conversion of souls to God. It makes man the cause of his own salvation.

That which the Scriptures declare to be the cause and ground of our election, that, and that only, must be the cause and ground of it. Nationally considered, Jerusalem would have been preserved in its peace had the people, upon the rational opportunity afforded them for receiving the Messiah, accepted Christ under that character.