AMATH – Introduction to Differential Equations. David Harmsworth. Spring Course Notes by John Wainwright. AMATH is an advanced-level version of AMATH Compared to AMATH , AMATH offers a more theoretical treatment of differential equations and . Is this really as easy as people say? Is the difficulty prof dependant? How is the course otherwise (proof vs computation)?.

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Feedback control with applications.

Various applications, for example, to ordinary differential equations, optimization and numerical approximation. The difficult of any course is not only prof-dependent. Fourier series and Fourier transforms FFTthe classical sampling theorem and the time-frequency uncertainty principle. Equations of continuity, motion and energy, constitutive equations. Topics include ecology, epidemiology, microbiology, and physiology.

Stable and unstable manifolds. Includes collaborative projects and computer labs. NSFW content, including pornography and gore, are not allowed and will be removed.

Physical systems which lead to differential equations examples include mechanical vibrations, population dynamics, and mixing processes. Finite element methods for elliptic and parabolic equations: Almost no proofs and those you get just require the definitions. A variety of cellular phenomena are discussed, including ion pumps, ammath potentials, intercellular communication, genetic networks, regulation of metabolic pathways, and signal transduction.

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If you’re like me and don’t know physics that well it can be pretty annoying. Density matrix, Ehrenfest theorem and decoherence. Concept of functional and its variations. Since that time, researchers in many fields have found this statement to be true, particularly in recent times, with the advent of powerful personal computers making it possible to solve complicated differential equations numerically in a routine manner.

The focus is on the interplay between continuous models and their solution via discrete processes. Newton’s enthusiasm was due to his success in using differential equations to give the first mathematical description of planetary orbits. Feynman path integral and Greens functions. Laplace transform methods of solving differential equations.

Applications include conservation laws, fluid amxth and electromagnetic fields. Additional topics as time permits.

Applications are used as motivation.


Linear vector differential equations in Rn, an introduction to dynamical systems. Many students had trouble with something as simple as Newton’s second law.

I think the course is easy but not as easy as everyone makes it out to be. Nonlinear systems, stability of equilibria and Lyapunov functions.

AMATH – Introduction to Differential Equations

Introduction to wave motion and geophysical fluid mechanics. Difference equations, Laplace and z transforms applied to discrete and continuous mathematical models taken from ecology, biology, economics and other fields. Complex numbers, Cauchy-Riemann equations, analytic functions, conformal maps and applications to the solution of Laplace’s equation, contour integrals, Cauchy integral formula, Taylor and Laurent expansions, residue calculus and applications.


The relation between symmetries and conservation laws. The course focuses on introducing widely used methods and highlights applications in the natural sciences, the health sciences, engineering and finance. The course introduces the standard elementary methods for solving differential equations, including use of the Laplace transform, and gives a variety of applications in the sciences and in engineering.

Curved space-time and the Einstein field equations. Discussion of the Black-Scholes partial differential equations, and solutions thereof.

AMATH – Introduction to Differential Equations – University of Waterloo: Flow

The special case of flows in the plane, Poincare-Bendixson theorem and limit cycles. Log in or sign up in seconds. Basic concepts of quantum aamath Laplace’s equation, the wave equation and the heat equation in higher dimensions.

Is the difficulty prof dependant? An introduction to some of the deep connections between mathematics and music. This course studies several classes of methods for the numerical solution of partial differential equations in multiple dimensions on structured and unstructured grids.

Simple applications to finite and extended one-dimensional systems, harmonic oscillator, amahh rotor and hydrogen atom.