Once, long ago, the peaceful people of Inoa served the gods by means idols. One day, Righteous King Snow decreed that all idol worship must cease, and all . This page contains a list of cheats, codes, Easter eggs, tips, and other secrets for Alundra for PlayStation. If you’ve discovered a cheat you’d like. Alundra 2 at IGN: walkthroughs, items, maps, video tips, and strategies. It is here where you will guide Flint through all kinds of traps, battles.

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After you get to the top, notice the square block to your right and the locked door. Be mindful that each chest has a steel ball over it and you can see its shadow because the chests hide it.

If this proves too hard, then use a bomb to activate the lever, this will give you about 4 more seconds alindra position the barrel in a appropriated position so you can get to the door.

There are some turtles here so feel free to kill them guie single bomb is enough to kill a turtle. To open this door just step on the two holes in front of this gate.

Do not worry, you have plenty of time oh yeah, two of the rocks are hidden by the small flowers Once on this island jump north three times and you’ll get to another chest with a strength tonic inside. Surprisingly you’ll be locked in a room with 3 more slimes, kill them and then when the gates open, head one screen east right. Get to the end of this road and then head north.

Alundra FAQs, Walkthroughs, and Guides for PlayStation – GameFAQs

There’s nothing there but I just thought you should come. Gilded Falcon x 1 Monsters: But there’s more to this exploring section than the chest. So just give him the broken armor and walk guidr with a new shiny piece of armor. Yes, there’s a lot of lever hitting but it’s nothing compared to what this game makes you do later on.


Walkthroughs for Alundra

However, if you think you are up to it or you just have mad skills like I do English is not my first language, so I thought it would be a good exercise to write something like this; and, in my humble opinion, there was no readily available Alundra walkthrough good enough. Memorize this sequence or not, I did it for you anywaysand after he’s started the engine go back to where the three guys are. And finally, for modest price 15 Gilder she will pin point your next target in a big Torla map very useful.

There is nothing buide but find but there is something worth mentioning so up next comes another exploring section. You’ll see two treasure chest.

You better because when you get near them a steel ball will fall on that spot and you can imagine what happens if you are standing there when the ball hits the ground. That is, go back the way ghide came into this room. From this cliff jump south to another cliff and when you get there walk east to another screen.

Once the cart has stopped feel free to walk back and gather the items the monster you just ran over with the cart might have dropped. This one is going to alundrz short, but there are two new chests around, and I think that is worth alindra. You have just entered the second to last room of this dungeon so rejoice. I’ll be honest with you aulndraI don’t have fond memories of this place. Get the Gilded Falcon, examine the statue, and drop down. This time, when you get to the cliff, head north instead of south.


Once back you’ll notice that there are three rocks laying around. Don’t worry just keep walking north until you get to a tranporter, walk on gyide when you get there. Open the gate in the middle and go through it, you will find yourself in a long corridor with little holes on the wall, use these holes to dodge the rolling ball that is hanging around this corridor. After you’ve cleaned up the place, yuo’ll get to hear the funky music let’s call it, the Victory Sonata.

Walkthroughs and guides for Alundra

For they are, truly and uniquely, magical. Do the same alundrz return to the room with the 3 gates; this time, however, go through the door to the right.

After you’ve reached the rather spacious plateau, you will be locked in and 8 slimes will fall down and attack you. I’m a little fed up with the cardinal directions by now so I used lower and upper.

Unsurprisingly it’ll take you a section of the mine you haven’t been in yet. Throw the water stone first onto the panel, then throw the sun stone on top of the water stone, then it’s time to thrown the moon stone on top of the sun stone, and finally throw the star stone at the very top of the column I repeat, make sure the stone are one on top of the other.