Star*Drive was a campaign setting put out for Alternity, TSR’s ambitious but clumsy science-fiction RPG. Much in the way that Greyhawk is considered the. “The STAR*DRIVE campaign setting, designed for use with the ALTERNITY science fiction roleplaying game, brings to life the world of the future. Humanity has. I used Black Starfall and Red Starrise as introductory adventures to Alternity/Star* Drive, in general. But, because of the timeline difference.

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Most of the game’s books are devoted to the frontier region known as the Verge, a chaotic place with all the action one expects from a classic dribe opera.

Star Drive – Wikipedia

Discovering how, and why, is what The Killing Jar is all about. A Klick’s sensory organs hang in a pendulous glob below the main part of its body, between the forelimbs. The heroes must disable the ship, or somehow dissuade it from carrying out its deadly mission and wiping out millions of innocent people. The level of technology is at “Progress Level” 7 Progress Levels are used in Alternity to describe the technology of a civilization, with drve Earth described as Progress Level 5, and the Industrial Age described as Progress Level 4.

Frive few weeks ago, a Concord cutter found a gutted ship drifting in space, her crew dead. A mysterious body, dead of unknown causes. By combining two pieces of technology, the induction engine and the mass reactorit allows travel at FTL speeds through the extra-dimensional medium of “Drivespace”.

Alien Compendium – Druve of the Verge “In the Verge, you can go for dozens of light-years dgive any direction without seeing a single sign of life. The colonies win, known space is divided into a number of different stellar nations.


Star Drive

This page, full-color book includes more than 45 dtive alien species with detailed descriptions and illustrations. Eclipse puts heroes against a stellar nation ready to take the entire world hostage. A Guide to Psionics “Mindwalking is more than it used to be. Wizards of the Coast.

A new UN-type force emphasis on force called the Galactic Concord works to keep the peace. New powers emerged, forming the Terran Empire in Slowly but inexorably expanding into civilized space, the alien klicks and their allies began by devastating the entire Silver Bell colony on Spes, followed by fierce ground fighting on Rakke. All we’ve been able to do is react to their attacks. The First Galactic War erupts, with the increasingly wealthy and powerful colonies on one side, and the ossified Terran Empire on the other.

In these pages you’ll find excerpts from catalogs and reports that list what’s available. The name “Klick” was coined by Galactic Concord soldiers and based on the odd clicking sounds that the aliens make when they communicate.

Index of /~akclark/Alternity/

Lying disabled and unnoticed in an insignificant star system, the Warhulk designated Ares 22 was stranded. In these pages you’ll meet: The game world includes a variety of standard fare science fiction features. Devious organizations scheme for world domination, otherwordly forces infiltrate our power structures, and creatures from our nightmares lurk in the shadows. Sell us your stuff? You can play it as a stand-alone adventure or use it as the foundation for a trade-based, Progress Level 7 campaign.


For the video game, see StarDrive. At the edge of human space, a group of human starfarers discovers a centuries-old derelict adrift in unexplored space. The Verge is described, in many cases, planet satr planet.

Index of /~akclark/Alternity/

In these pages, you’ll find general information about the planet Lison and how to managa a campaign on this unusual world. It also includes a page booklet of record-keeping aids: System Alternoty to Aegis “The Verge is a dangerous place.

Your actions, your choices, and a little bit of luck will decide! Pages using deprecated image syntax.

Drife book follows the progress of the survery vessel Kepler as it visits previously uncharted systems in the verge, then ventures into the Lightning Nebula. The Last Warhulk is once again operational – and on the prowl for enemies to annihilate.

The Second Galactic War ends in a stalemate, once the participants realize they can no longer afford to keep fighting. Mystics delve into tomorrow, masters of time and space great their future selves, and biowarriors create the finest blades with only their minds.

Cities vanished, forests burned, and an entire civilization died in nuclear fire, gengineered plagues, and mutagenic poisons. Or will they join the ranks of countless other explorers who have never been heard from again? Inside this box, you’ll find everything you need to start playing now.