from ALIEN CICATRIX by Corrado Malanga, March Publication work by publishing house – OMNICOLORE – and collaborators. . Dr. Corrado Malanga is a veteran researcher of the alien abduction .. “Levels of Alien Interference, Types of Aliens, Alien Cicatrix, p and. Mr. Corrado Malanga received the diploma of surveyor in , and graduated in In his publication Alien Cicatrix,73 Corrado Malanga proposes a new.

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Maybe you want to read the previous part first: The AAM now will always stay there: So, two different experiences differentiate the copy from the original. We need to point out that each time a copy is revitalized, it automatically performed, a memory backup.

One only knows that the others? Eventually the original goes back to the Earth, after introducing again ficatrix LUX and Six fingered parasites back in it.

Corrado Malanga -Alieni O Demoni – [ Alien Cicatrix]

Cicxtrix can see the original in the center of the chart: Test di Auto Valutazione – Self Assesment Test, which is just meant to verify if such memories are present. Moreover there was the recollection of the fatigue which was necessary to perform such actions, like running, jumping, escaping and so on The weapons used are modern but conventional; the uniforms are not.

This is a process in which the original and the copy are being compared with the respective memories and are integrated in order to avoid inconsistent memories in the future.


Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. In other words, the abductee is not parasitized anymore by an alien Willpower, but he will still and always have that recollection of memories, since, as I pointed out many times already in my work, the brain works like a write-only hard drive. So the copy lives almost in a suspended Animation-like state, until the possible moments in which it is necessary to replace, for short periods of time, the original.

But usually nobody thinks about abductions, so the family is happy through explaining the differences just saying that the person was more different than usual only that day Often times, when an abductee gets to be taken for a period of time which is way longer than the usual 45 minutes – because the work that the aliens need to complete is bigger and because of possible space-time distortions that cannot be excluded for the abductee – they leave one of his copies to replace the original.

As we can see from the scheme above, the copy gets all the information of the AAM.

Hence the need to create a copy of the abductee to store alien contents in it. When carefully examining these memories during hypnosis, one immediately finds out that there are inconsiderate cuts and where these are.


The copies are actually unstable, and slien tend to age quickly and to easily deteriorate, just like the sheep named Dolly, the first sheep cloned by men through a disgusting experiment performed some years ago. There can be people who totally lost their memories related to years and years of life.

So it would be the decerebrated copies, or, most likely, reprogrammed copies, to perform such war games. In this context, we need to also consider the malannga procedure for the copy: The Soul goes back into the original, while the copy, which is light pink-colored, is used for quite different goals.

Full text of “Corrado Malanga – Complete multilingual bibliography”

At the end of these he gets to be awarded if he was good? What made me suspicious about these stories is that there was no stress at all: Now, after considering all of the above, we wlien take a look again to the whole chart given, and realize that now the whole picture is much clearer.

These malanha seem to somehow belong to a different person, and not to the abductee himself.