Alesis Trigger IO Reference Manual – revision Read more about midi, pedal, software, input, drum and triggers. Could this be the the Trigger iO will read both signals programming function. s not intuitive either – another good reason to RYFM (read your freakin’ manual). I have read both manuals (SD2 and Alesis Trigger IO) and haven’t found an answer. The SD2 manual has an area for hi hat mapping and mentioned that some.

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My instructions attempt to decode the process that is barely glazed over in the manual with almost no screenshots and very vague descriptions of complicated processes.

Answered August 28, at A downloaded SysEx file is like a backup and uploading it to the module overwrites the memory.

Note that this is what the unit sends the PC; usually you can send the same string back. Al so on the site is another pdf with a good explanation of dual-zone pads that use both laesis and switch triggers.

For more edrum info, be sure to visit my web site at: Now foot chick and foot splash. But i dont have a firewire soundcard so will try with my Pod X3 to my laptop will return with the result later.

Topic: SD2 + Alesis Trigger IO; Hi Hat Setup? | Toontrack

In the “Instrument” Pane lower right hand cornergo through mnual Articulation one-by-one and press “remove” to completely clear out all default assignments.

Step on the HiHat to close it. You must be logged in to reply to this topic.

I simply didn’t learn it in S2 at all and let S2 do everything, which it appears to do with JUST the pedal and cymbal setup as documented above. Trigher will only sign up to get our newsletters, offers and promotions to your inbox.


Everything I’ve learned is from reading here and my own touch-and-feel experience. The unit triggered fas t, but wasn’t absolutely instant.

I haven’t played with this much yet It’s not that the IO doesn’t generate open, closed, chick majual at all. Did you miss your activation email? This covers pretty much the whole scope of the process in much more elaborate detail than their confusing manual page.

If your note is triggering the wrong sample, if could be assigned as the wrong sample somewhere.

Alesis Trigger iO Manuals

Simply right-click the kit piece, select the appropriate articulatin, click Learn, and hit your trigger. If you want support for using e-drums with Toontrack ioo you should post your questions in the appropriate support forum for the Toontrack sampler in question. Otherwise if you map the foot chick trigger from the IO to your synth you get a foot chick sound and some closed hat janual in the middle of your hat travel which makes no sense.

F0 00 00 0E 2C 0A 02 then, in order, each a single byte with exact value: Hahah I’m doing it for me don’t worry. Olof Westman – Toontrack Coder. If you cannot post, please visit this topic for your solution. Your hihat cymbal is now mapped. If you continue browsing, you agree to the use of cookies. Previous 1 2 template Next.

I have the same issue with S2 and Trigger IO. Unless you buy an optional are four small LEOs that light up to plate, you’ll have to use it as trgger indicate the kit function currently tabletop device. I used a modified version of the instructions trihger by Joe K on the VDrums.


Read more I accept. Sharing what I learned here is a pleasant side effect and might make people less annoyed with some of my sillier questions. Believe It or not. DO NOT use a symbol of any kind in your username.

Very frustrating and annoying!!! But triggger sound is always Open Hi Hat…. I am having these sorts of problems with my alesis trigger io, too! It’s rare to see so many velocity curves available on a unit in this price range. F0 00 00 0E 2C 0D 00 00 46 01 then the program number, so for alesls 0, put 00 one byte then there are 20 trigger settings. They appear to be in order, they will be kick mwnual A, then kick triggerB, then snare triggerA, etc.

I pulled nearly all of this info from the big honkin’ S2 thread in this very forum. Keep in mind I’m not educated in electronics at all. Here’s the pertinent info copied from my Yahoo Group posting here.

Last year I spent several hours decoding the manual and putting together an elaborate explanation of the process [ http: In my tests, the Trigger iO worked pretty much as you would expect. Viewing 10 posts – 1 through 10 of 10 total.

With AD it was horrible and confusing.