When it comes to the MIDIVERB II, Phil South discovers that sequels can sometimes be better than the originals! Phil South discovers that sequels can be better. The Alesis Midiverb II is a full stereo professional quality multiple effects device that doesn’t require a professional to operate. This is a digital reverb that also has some effects of time and some chorus / flanger and pan. Note the conspicuous absence of transposition effect, EQ, or even.

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It Intgr a small config I have for the time being atttendant to see better.

They simply used to call numbers memories in a bank, which are displayed on the tiny screen all red and all core. This means you can use the MPX as a remote control to change programs for you while the II is in a rack in the studio, or indeed on stage, while you repose artistically alrsis your keyboards or mixing desk.

Yet it is still and always there, always ready, proudly showing off her lights. They did sound smooth though, and they browned and thickened some of the stringier sounds I put through it. Again, a very well thought out range, and more than enough for most people’s needs, without the necessity for some kind of parameter twiddling.


This is good because it performs the function of a flange or chorus without the sweeping noise in the background, making it clear and Alesiss a new review. Now then, the flanges are really something. It is therefore very simple.

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You realise quite quickly that one or two rooms have the jidiverb you like, and you tend to stick to them. However if you find one at a really good price you be saving some money while still getting a really nice sounding reverb unit. Our members also liked: Some other interesting specs are as follows: Review by Phil South. The remaining flanges are all panned in stereo, and sweep across the audio picture with astonishing clarity.

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midiverrb Then Alesis came along with the first Midiverb, which was nice. The only drawback with this sound is resisting the temptation to put everything through it! Write a user review Ask for a user review. Right, so much for the physics of the situation, how does it sound? Now just about anybody can get a nice, bright and rich sounding mix that only a digital processor can give. There is no dedicated ADC device involved.

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Next article in this issue The Holistic Author. So, given this veritable cornucopia of effects, what’s the verdict? Shopbop Designer Fashion Brands.


Compared with effects plug on pc I find it more dynamic and warm. Those of you who do live gigs may really enjoy a classic unit that’s easy to use. The Multitap is a good way of getting one mono voice sounding like many, with it’s fast delay creating the effect of being surrounded by stereo clones of the dry signal; and the Multitap Pan is the same but incorporates one fast pan.

Something that would have been good, it is the addition of an intermediate light to light-signal-and-OVLD overload for shortindeed Midiverb tends to saturate rapidly with serious consequences for the less. You can even just stick a guitar straight into it and use it like a multifarious effects pedal, it’s that versatile.

This memory consisting of memory locations is only visible to the DSP. Many reverb presets have different time thresholds so you can find just the right amount of echo. Well, most midiveeb those I tried fitted perfectly on at least one of them, and at worst sounded interesting on the others. Please try again later. O and guess I think this rverb, to Davout Studios, one of the biggest anything.