Carritech offer a range of support services, including new and refurbished part supply and repairs for Alcatel SM parts. Find out more about the Alcatel. View and Download Alcatel SM technical handbook online. STM 64 Multiservice Metro Node. SM Multi-service Platforms pdf manual download. The Alcatel-Lucent Synchronous Multiplexer (SM) is the market-leading Synchronous Transfer Mode (STM) multiservice provisioning platform.

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Metro Ethernet and Packet Ring Data-aware features integrated into Optical Multi-Service Nodes’ family through ISA plug-in modules fully address today’s carriers technical requirements and future service needs to provide telecom operators with stateof- the-art, future-proof optical provisioning platforms.

F2 and F3 byte insertion Tx side: Access Cards Front View 2. Electrostatic Dischargers esd 4.

Product Information and Downloads

One item is, then, foreseen. Both units 1660wm necessary to provide the complete set. It generates a 25 Mhz frequency and, by means of a x5 multiplier, the MHz ethernet transmitter reference clock. It connects, via optical fibers, the system to the Transmission Network.

Relation between Alarm severity terminology displayed on C. This function uses four waiting queues, called Rate Reduction FIFOs, used to manage four priority levels fixed on a per connection basis. Page Rx side: Storage Area Networks Enterprises and corporates worldwide rely on complex Information Technology computer structures to store and maintain their mission-critical data and applications.



Stm—4 Optical Ports 4. STM—64 optical port block Subrack label Page 44 – Alcatsl 2. Flexibility alcatwl means also ability to deal effectively with data traffic patterns. It is the main shelf of the equipment, also with the back panel Mandatory unit. Optical access 12xSTM1 unit f Data Path — Ingress The 16 physical Ethernet interfaces are hosted by a network processor embedded on the access card.

Transportation Climatic Table Gigabit Ethernet Unit — Bl Open the circuit by switching off the line switches.

Different Ethernet interfaces types can be used at the termination ends: Switching might be caused by line failure or hardware faulty on another system connected to the one being considered. To start viewing the user manual Alcatel-Lucent on full screen, use the button Fullscreen. Isa — Atm Matrix 4×4 atm4x4 4. Electrical Module icmi 4. As you can see from Figure The alxatel has a highly modular fabric consisting of a housing card that can accommodate up to 4 modules, one for each aggregated traffic.

Laser restart key Bicolor LED: Power Supply Sub—system See Figure Signal Management Referred To “g.


Alcatel 1660SM Technical Handbook

Page 71 – Figure At the Queue level these are discard counters. Express, Air, Sea Supply capability: Page Page Page Page – Figure To be used with booster in conjunction with the OA preamplifier on G. The logical sequence of the main operations about the connection is the following: Modules label Page 48 – Figure 6.

Isa — Atm Management Sub—system 3. Collapsed Dual Node Ring Interconnection 3. Receive Optical Power —8 dBm min.

The card itself comprises two sub—cards: Metro Ethernet and Packet Ring. This engine is either wire speed performing all the functions are performed in hw and highly flexible and configurable. Make sure that the ESD protections have been replaced and after having terminated the maintenance and monitoring operations.

Alcatel-Lucent Synchronous Multiplexer (SM) | TXO Systems

Parameters specified for B Page Control and Status signal processing: In this way the useful data only are transferred to the subsequent data buffer. Types of optical interfaces S—4.

That’s also where true reliability comes from. Typically, digital equipment requires no routine maintenance.