: Kitab Al-Jilwah: Book of Revelation (): Sheik Adi, Isya Other Religions, Practices & Sacred Texts > Demonology & Satanism. Before I decided to make my own blog, I did several entries on a friend’s on various issues I take with the use of the Al Jilwah in Satanism. Unfortunately, two of the links in my first blog entry regarding the Al-Jilwah are not working any more. Thankfully, I saved the information.

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White is cooler, since it bounces off the sun. I see it as a “test” which only the Iblis passed and suffered dearly for. Life is so much more complex then that.

The Al Jilwah; The Black Book of Satan

I will ascend above the tops of the clouds; I will make myself like the Most High. You will need to register to get access to the following site features: Nowadays we have hundredths of modern channeled texts because of widespread communication.

So says the Satanic Rituals. They are legendary for their hospitality. It was a place admirably suited to the weird and dreadful rites which Arab Moslems assured me were conducted there in the worship of Satan – including, they insisted, human sacrifice – but I must admit that there was nothing to offer the slightest intimation that it was currently used for such a purpose. Having read the Qur’an front to back I can say that there is no mention of Melek Taus by name in it at all.

I wanted to accept these offers, and see what people were like in their homes. Live musicians perform in many of the traditional restaurants, etc. The priest procured a torch, and we reentered the temple, went through the little door, down a very old flight of damp stone steps, through a dungeon-like passage.


What I do find interesting is how events that took place well over 3, years ago and literature that has been written full of fancy and religious musings to this day shape the face of current world events.

My read on Taus Melek is he is seen, after a fashion, in the way Western occultist view Lucifer. So basically Al-Jilwah is not well suited and heavy flawed just as bible is.

Nov 21, Messages: There are only four texts of the Black Book in existence: The Zebu The Zebu senior member Registered: In general, avoid the topic of religion when travelling the Middle East.

Another issue I had with it is the reliability of this particular translation.

Seabrook, however, obtained permission to visit this innermost sanctum from the Mir chief of the Yezidis, and recounted his experience as follows: I’m gay and trans so it speaks to me.

So all in all, it is for you to decide how you approach to Al-Jilwah. I have allowed the creation of four substances, four times al-jilwau four corners; because they are necessary things for creatures.

Aljilwah For Satanists ยท Spiritual Satanist

Oct 8, Messages: It’s interesting to me because I can read and understand Farsi or Persian, if you will Arabic is on my to-do list Modern Standard Arabic, then maybe branch out into Egyptian Arabic once I get comfy actually speaking it.

It is helpful to me primarily because when I start tackling a new language I often start by reading books I’ve already read in that language.

I peered about by the light of the torch to see whether I could observe any inscriptions on the wall, any signs of an altar, niches, or other indications that the place was used for ritual purposes – and though the light was flickering and bad, I was pretty surely convinced that there was nothing of the kind within our range of vision.


An acquaintance of mine is supposedly writing his own thoughts on this subject, but I can not say when he will publish any of it. Certainly while there is a correlation between the satanic and amorality, in my case I tend to think that is perfectly acceptable for a Satanist to be rigidly moral at least insofar as said morality is derived from within rather than without.

Of all the Satanic rituals from the book satanlsts the same name, of course Al Jilwah is my favorite. Of course, both Christians and Muslims in the region would take great exception to this.

They will probably invite you to their homes for dinner, as is customary in Iranian society. Thankfully, I saved the information.

The Ancient Satanic Scriptures

Watanists Arjay stranger Registered: This last verse is also a favorite as He is explaining the DNA molecule! Also the older text and created in more different culture then ours, the more unreliable and inaccurate for us is. Of all of the peoples of Iraq, the Kurds are the most affable and the least insane. I am my own scape-goat. Email required Address never made public.