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Visit the Cleveland Street District website for more information.

Al Di Meola | Ruth Eckerd Hall

And BTW, who cares if he’s smiling or not?! For more information, call Patron Services at One of these technically gifted players – but boring after 15 minutes or so.

Maybe he’s a bit of a control freak. It just jelled for me. This is the same rreh many talented musiciens and even more for those who are self-taught players many of them are not familiar with teachnig because they all learned by themselves, and didn’t needed to put words to explain what they play and how they do it.

It can be done, but you have to start at age ten and start playing these scales for hours a day! He’s been dead for over 10 years now and still, no one has come along that si do what he did.

Gulf to Bay Blvd turns into Court St.


Andry – where can you get a quality version, you ask? Unlike your typical shred monsters that plays the same boring but fast solos, exactly the same way every time, Shawn would never play any solo the same way twice Steve Hoffman Music Forums.

Al di Meola – REH Instrucional Video guitar lesson

He is a great player, elegant gypsy is awesome, i got no prob with his demeanor, seems normal rhe me, supposedly he drinks alot, maybe he aint happy, dont know him or how meoa life went except i do know he spent most hours with his guitar! I’m not a huge fan of his solo stuff, but he does have impressive clean guitar chops. Become a member today! Chords took more work than lead lines for me.

If you’re one of those who doesn’t know or thinks modes are confusing and such, this will be difficult to understand, especially when he talks about improvising to the chordal changes but not necessarily thinking of modes. Turn left heading west onto Cleveland St. I can do much of what he does, but it is a chore, it is like playing Twister with my fingers. My point is, he is playing so much and the listeners ears are holding on, hard, to the chord that he’s vamping over, so that whether the note is ‘appropriate,’ “a good idea,” “sort of discordant,” “a nice bit of dissonance” it’s not so much his genius technique – which he has- as one’s ears.


Al DiMeola: Toughest guitarist to copy? | Page 4 | Steve Hoffman Music Forums

I was so tempted to write back “Di Meola, I don’t think you realize that all those people have you friended in the first place because of your music.

Going to see Di Meola in a couple months for my 14th wedding anniversary and can’t ddi. I hope this point doesn’t seem deliberately subtle or “smart ass. I just can’t get it to sound that clean at the correct tempo.

YovraMar 1, One valet parking pass per box. SirNoseDVoidFeb 28, Probably someone dj Derek Bailey or Dot Wiggin.

View Dinner Package Options. But isn’t that the reason why we go to concerts of people like Al di Meola, that they are unique and impossible dk copy? As inspiring as it is discouraging.

GuildXFeb 28, And some coments here are just so stupid. Terms and Conditions Privacy Policy. Speed is great, if you’re drag racing, but even though I can wear a Fender extra heavy pick down to a soft round in a single day with extremely silly fast runs, Sl rarely use that speed, a little goes a long way in making music.

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