Akai head rush e2 Pdf User Manuals. View online or download Akai head rush e2 Operator’s Manual. View and Download Akai E1 Headrush reference manual online. Tap Delay/ Tape Echo Simulator/Looping Recorder. E1 Headrush Music Pedal pdf manual. More info on the Akai Headrush than anyone could ever want, and more is on its way!.

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All user reviews for the Akai Head Rush E2

The manual will guide you through most if not all your ehadrush. Power requirements for electrical equipment vary from area to area. TG Golden Did you find this review helpful? Mail will not be published required. You might be mxnual if you are looking to record entire verse and chorus parts because you will get just about 24 seconds at Otherwise the tape echo is very clean and gets dirty as the extreme settings.

Akai E2 HeadRush Pedals download instruction manual pdf

Leave a Reply Click here to cancel reply. So basically you can do things without having to stop playing, including switching modes and changing mxnual tempo. For example, the E2 Headrush is fairly easy to use straight out of the box. The loop function i use only when I am practicing and come up with a quick idea.

Akai head rush e2 Manuals

Both of these pedals are awesome; together, Beadrush doubt that there is a better combo for an on stage pedal board. However it sounds great, even if we can not store or save the above-said loops.

For the function loop which motivated my purchase the initial sound is a loss when recording in any fawn is still losing the punch of the amp.


There was none of the crackle or hiss either. I had never seen that on a delay pedal, but it really manuzl just means the delay time. The fast handling of this pedal also becomes apparent in function. When you plug a second cable into the EFFECT output, only then do the original and delayed signals route to different outputs.

Maybe if I was more loop on the stage I test RC The looping was very clean and the stomps have a great feel.

Akai head rush e2 Manuals

I own a Boss dd5. The problem started after i had been rehearsing in a very dry and dusty barn actually. I bought euros Musik Store, I can not even remember when, I always have it in my pedal board, ready Always at the end of string, but just an APRS AB Box which allows me to swing the loop recording on one channel of the amp and playing on another channel.

October 27, at Comments to this Manuals Your Name. The footswitches on the Akai E2 Headrush are sturdy and the general build of the pedal is solid due to the dicast metal body. Akai E2 Headrush Review 3. That being said, programming pre-set settings onto it is not possible, and that would likely make it easier to use in live settings.

Akai Head Rush E2. I’ve never had anything but good experiences with this pedal as far as sound quality goes. Enter text from picture: A color code for each of the three feature allows very easy to navigate. It was then a setting that allows you to set when the delay is fading, and a time to narrow, headrusy pointed, the first setting of the genre if I’m making myself clear.

Feel free to drop me a note to say hi or ask any question, whether you’re just getting started with looping or have been at it for years. Please ensure that your AC Adaptor supplied meets the power requirements in your area.


I had to do concerts. The looper is great in terms of sound, but I still run properly galley loops or not I pressed enough, I press two switches at the same time I do shoes as 43well There are controls for level of the delay or looper, high frequency damping high end roll manuwlfeedback, time, ratio, and head gap.

Now the live sampling began increasingly to rpandre, other machines have emerged since. I use it mainly for making loops with the voice. No backup possible loop. Cookies help us improve performance, enhance user experience and deliver our services. Don’t show me this message again. The akau foot switches are far apart to ensure that there are heaxrush accidents. My basic setup is a line 6 podxt live and digitech jam man. It juggles Delay, Echo, and Looper. I no longer own the pedal but I would buy one again in a heart beat if I needed another looper.

To be complete here are my uses: They can therefore join different outputs, headrsuh amps, 4 channel strips or more reasonably, 4 audio interface inputs. The E2 Headrush is currently in its original box towards the seller for an exchange with another more expensive model but certainly offering more opportunity.


The looper sounds great too, no loss of sound or dynamics, compared to a Digitech JamMan, or Boss, it sounds much better, less corrupt. This offers the maximum recording time.