des cadres FFAAA a voiteur. 20janecole des cadres FFAAA a voiteur a Reinach (Switzerland)STAGE VALIDANT CTL AIKIDO SWITZERLAND. August 27, Add comment. 1 min read. See F. Ffaaa. Josh Gold. I am Executive Editor of Aikido Journal and co-founder of Ikazuchi Dojo. I began my aikido. 8 Likes, 1 Comments – Aikido Club Dionysien (@aikidodionysien) on Instagram: “ #aikido #ffaaa #aikidoclub #合气道”.

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Stage international dirigé par Osawa Shihan 2018

According to you, what do people develop through the practice of this discipline? To finish, of course Aikido, as any other discipline, had an evolution. In my opinion, the key to success is to be able to deliver messages to young gfaaa without having to act as youngsters ourselves. We establish codes at the beginning and from these codes, we will organize the structure the technique.

Tags christian tissier interview. Interview with Christian Tissier Shihan: His interest was immediate and obvious. Interview with Peter Goldsbury — Part 1: Ffaax, the truth is that for me, things were not so simple. He is a great master who fully deserves the recognition he has. You often say that Aikido is an education system based on a martial discipline. I have often discussed about this with Seishiro Endo Sensei.

Maybe this is the case but I think that young people who come to Aikido understand well the difference. Without me, it would not exist. For q young teacher in his fifties, coming to Europe is a huge gain in credibility for him. What the Japanese lack is the systematic analysis of Aikido.

We must learn to get along. If we compare the Ukes of the beginnings with people today, the difference is significant. My true role is to represent the federation on the international level. In one of my books, I had copied the following citation from an etiquette school called Ogasawara. One should not mistake what one thinks Aikido is and what is really being practiced at the Hombu Dojo. This is the kind of typical answers you get in Japan.


We could also specifically work on flexibility or other things but to what end? The reason is that it is a very confusing notion. If you add an intention to this kokyu, the Ki will naturally occur. They have to come to Europe to see that happen.

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Thereafter he will emphasis on the study of the Kihon-kata, until Both are just as difficult! Regarding the spiral, this is again an irimi motion. A well performed technique creates an economy of movement and energy. At that particular moment, we are totally irimi! Aikido is a martial discipline but it is also an art fffaaa as soon as we use the body in from this perspective, we must work on the purity of the gesture. However, I think it is very important not to underestimate the interaction that exists between the two.

He continues his progression through the French federation FFAAAshaping his technique evolution and allowing him to be an active practitioner in the French landscape. It is therefore useless to concentrate ffaaz only one aspect of the art, in particular if it is to the expense of practice time. This is why the educational system that we put in place during an Aikido class has as an objective to suppress situations of refusal, exclusion, and non-communication.

Inhe started to study aikido in the Nice area with several teachers.

Michel Erb

I consider Aikido as a whole system that as been well thought. That is what I was trying to show you during the seminar, in particular on kotegaeshi. The fundamental issue with Ki is its flow.


We are often told that Aikido is based onto two great principles: Rather than going through your youth and years in Japan over again let us investigate your practice a little more. It is not very difficult to put into practice, we can already say that this is martial arts but nothing happens yet: For me, irimi is about getting to the core of the movement.

As far as we know, there are only about 15 non-Japanese Shihan that have officially been awarded by the Aikikai, it is very little. If it is pure, then it is natural and therefore, it is beautiful. Nowadays, he is a charming man who takes care of his Ukes on the mat but of course, he is 60 now.

I am therefore the leader but only because of this fact. Thank you very much Sensei, enjoy your flight and see you soon on the mat. These discrepancies between what we think we know and what is; are what leads us aikio think that there was an evolution. For example, Japan could not really do without us in terms of diffusion of Aikido with for example our national organizations and the international federation that give them credibility beyond of their own frontiers.

Out of respect for the other people who aikodo with me, I decided not to take it, perhaps I was wrong.