The story of Devi Ahalya from the times of Ramayana is often cited as an example of how women were discriminated against even in those. Ahalya Story – When Lord Indra was cursed for lust! – Indra, also known as Sakra in the Vedas, is the leader of the Devas or gods and the lord of. Ahalya was characters of Ramayana also known as Ahilya, is the wife of the sage Gautama Maharishi. She was made by Brahma and was surreal beautiful.

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Madhavan ‘s Malayalam story April also retells Ahalya’s tale in a modern setting, wherein Etlugu, accused of adultery, is beaten by her husband, leaving her in a coma from which the neurologistRama, revives her.

A Companion to the Anthropology of India. While Gautam was away for morning ablutions, Indra, disguised as Gautam, approached Ahilya and proposed sexual desires in front of her.

This caused much concern to all the gods, as his multifarious duties in various worlds remained suspended, and they went as one to seek Brahma’s help.

This concept is about staying faithful to the husbands with mind heart body and soul, and leading a life renouncing all greed sfory ambitions that could make a woman seek pleasure or happiness beyond her man!

Ahalya Story – When Lord Indra was cursed for lust!

Once sun and moon assisted Indra in confusing Gautam that it is morning while it was night. At the same time, while going back to his ashram, Maharshi Gautama saw baby Kamdhenu divine cow taking birth.

The sage then left his ashram for Himalayas. Good with bad, fair with unfair, beauty with ugliness, faith with deceit, and so on.


The touch of Rama’s feet is prophesied to be her saviour. With rising consciousness and education, when the brain apparently tries to justify actions or emotions, you might choose to call this a foolish submission where the self respect of a woman is left in the open to be bruised and mishandled. Hence when Gautama became furious of having found another teougu with his wife, his anger is understandable. The bride is also shown the star associated haalya the chaste Arundhati, who is cast as her ideal.

The translations of all these works are present in Richmanpp.

Ahalya is described as glowing from the intensity of her ascetic teugu, but hidden from the world like the Sun obscured by dark clouds, the light of a full moon hidden by mist or a blazing flame masked by smoke. Mahabharata — An Introduction. The Ramavataram is an example of the Bhakti-era poets who exalt Rama as a saviour. Account Options Sign in.

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And not to forget that Indra is also subject to the curses of Rishis.

Vishwamitra asked Rama and Lakshman to accompany him, and so the three set out for Janakpur. Agitated, she wishes that Indra was there to satisfy her. Journal of South Asian Literature: She sees through his disguise, but consents owing to her “curiosity”. The Skanda Purana tells that when Gautama arrives, Ahalya explains the whole tale truthfully, but is cursed by Gautama to become a stone, because he believes that she acted as a rolling stone, unable to recognise the difference between Indra’s and Gautama’s gestures and movements.

Early in the 20th century, the old norms were reasserted.

Narasimhachar ‘s Kannada poetic drama, Ahalyawhich weighs kama against dharma pleasure against duty ; [16] [60] and the works of the Sanskrit scholar and poet Chandra Rajan.


Finally, Gautam, on return, caught them and cursed. Sivasekaram’s Tamil poem Ahalikai examines the stone motif in Ahalya’s tale: Or do we learn from Ahalya, who made a conscious choice to fulfill her need and yet has been extolled?

The actual truth about Ahalya in Ramayan

Ahalya claims her innocence this part is not found in all manuscriptsbut Gautama agrees to accept her only when she is sanctified by offering Rama hospitality. Thus, Sage Gautama advised Ahalya to do more penance and went for hermitage in the Himalayas. Gajendra moksha stotra audio and lyrics. Indra is cursed to carry his shame in the form of a thousand vulvae on his body, but the vulvae turn into eyes as ahalyq bathes in the Gautami. Even then, if Ahalya was fooled into believing that the man having returned so early after leaving for a bath in the river stry her husband and no one else, her mistake was human.

Ahalya – Wikipedia

Koral Dasgupta News18 Specials. Gautama and Indra represent feudalism and capitalism. Revisiting the Pancha Kanyas: It was the time when princess Sita could arrange a swayamvar groom choosing where Princes and Kings competed with each other to win the right to marry her. This page was last edited on 10 Novemberat Only our efforts matter and God does bless us when we deserve what we ask for.

Indra, the gods and the Brahmins ” priests.