The oldest commercial developer still in production, Rodinal (formerly Agfa Rodinal, now sold as Adox Rodinal, Adonal, R09 One Shot) is famous for its contrast. ORM-D items are non-returnable. Acutance enhancing film developer. RODINAL is produced according to Agfa LeverkusenĀ“s latest Rodinal* formula from Rated 5 out of 5 by Jones the Geneus from A very nice developer I purchased this in replacement of Agfa rodinal. I found this product is exactly identical to my.

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This article was also published here and shared with permission. Bob Schwalberg, who once wrote for Popular Photographymaintained that too much agitation would interfere with adjacency effects, and recommended no more than ten seconds ddveloper minute of gentle agitation with Abfa.

Retrieved from ” https: The Fixer Before the film can be exposed to light it must be fixed. Bromide slows the development of the high values zone VII and abovepreventing them from becoming too dense to print.

Agfa Rodinal

Funny and ancient story: Dunja Djudjic is a writer and photographer from Novi Sad, Serbia. I have even heard of dilutions as high as 1: The agitation sequence will also impact the develooer and grain size.

It is not uncommon for photographers to add a solvent such as sodium sulfite to soften the granularity. Just use the previous data.


I believe that Rodinal has some of the characteristics of a process developer and that its grain is not necessarily the rrodinal full, unetched grain ‘ that is often declared, but the result of grain growth through this infectious development. One anecdote relates that a bottle of Rodinal, found in the ruins of a building in Germany after the World War II blitz, was perfectly usable after 30 years!

How I develop black & white film with Rodinal – DIY Photography

We can get roddinal of it by adding borax. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. At the high dilution of 1: I have used it for years and really appreciate it. Grain will be finer.

As soon as you stir in the sulfite, you will see the same sort of precipitate that you see when mixing Formulary Rodinal. You can see her work on FlickrBehance and her Facebook page. I rate my films hp5 at iso and my fp4 at 64iso, I only use 1: About the Author Vincent Moschetti is a photographer from France. Time is over so you can empty the tank and pour in the stop bath. As I said in the beginning, there are infinite ways to develop film. The ascorbate alone is very inactive unless pH is very high, and then it produces high fog level.

Rodinal / Adonal

rodinnal Rated 5 out of 5 by Anonymous from Tried and develper, even for a newbie In full disclosure this is the first and only developer I have used and I have only developed a few rolls of film with it, so I cannot give an expert experience-based devepoper of this developer compared to others on the market. When a film has been exposed to light, the image exists but is invisible and it has to be revealed.


Patrick Gainer has sent me a Rodinal formula that uses Vitamin C in place of metabisulfite. Both these developing manipulations should produce corresponding negatives with tonal ranges which have a ratio of 1: This page was last edited on 7 Septemberat My practice has always been to use 5 milliliters in milliliters of water for the 1: Mine is the Rapid Fixer from Ilford too.

There is really nothing bad I can think of about this developer.

The blend uses both Xtol and Rodinal. You are commenting using your Facebook account. I use this for semi-stand developing. The water temperature should be at 20 degrees celsius.

Adding sodium or potassium ascorbate makes the developer considerably more active, as p-aminophenol and ascorbate form a superadditive pair.