Esther Schipper is pleased to announce Afinidades Eletivas, an exhibition of contemporary and historical Brazilian art organized with Olivier Renaud-Clement. Afinidades eletivas, as with A Bela e a Fera, is a spiritual contribution to the idea of creative continuity among the forms, as well as an explanation or test of forms. Esther Schipper. Afinidades Eletivas. Courtesy of Esther Schipper. Publication. Afinidades Eletivas. Gallery. Esther Schipper. Shares. Email. Share. Tweet.

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Die Wahlverwandtschaftenalso translated under the title Kindred by Choiceis the third novel by Johann Wolfgang von Goethepublished in Do mundo fechado ao universo infinito. This page was last edited on 23 Decemberat This essay by Walter Benjaminwritten aroundwas described by Austrian critic Hugo von Hoffmannsthalas “absolutely incomparable”.

Afinidades Eletivas | Esther Schipper | Artsy

The piece required a particular architecture and defined forms that could masticate, like a tooth growing inside the body or the form resulting from the cast of the hollow interior of the mouth. Some argue that it suggests a philosophy of nature that is rooted in fate. Goethe’s Elective Affinities and the Critics.

The play Arcadiaby British playwright Tom Stoppardis a modern-day remake of Elective Affinitiesalbeit with a twist. O Conceito de Afinidades Eletivas. The works of Jac Leirner b.

Works arising from stories or stories resulting works. Perhaps it is characteristic of zinc, perhaps of calcium, perhaps of the veil and the skin.

In the fourth chapter, the characters detail the world’s first ever verbally-depicted human double displacement chemical reaction. The exhibition will include works from his series entitled Armagem which draws on the misrecognition of simple shapes in slightly blurring acrylic frames, challenging boundaries between sculpture and painting by addressing the subjectivity of perception.


Esther Schipper is pleased to announce Afinidades Eletivasan exhibition of contemporary and historical Brazilian art organized with Olivier Renaud-Clement. Fernanda Gomes, Untitled, Paper, titanium white, light 2 parts: Revista Brasileira de Economiav.

afinidadss Views Read Edit View history. Gruchy, citado por Screpanti e Zamagni, diz dos autores institucionalistas: Others believe that the chemical theory is merely a structural device that allows the author to foreshadow events in the novel and bears no relevance to the greater issues of the novel. His explorations encompass a rereading of the constructivist tradition fully embedded in Brazilian culture.

Many of the spectators had come to the city for the opening of the Biennial. The decision to invite Ottilie and the Captain is described as an “experiment” and this is exactly what it is. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. A small white powder mountain lies inside the portal.

This article seeks to demonstrate that the concept of “elective affinities” can be applied to the relations between economic thought, literature, and philosophy.

Torrens apud Dobb,p. Her works, which mostly use white and the natural coloring of the objects, exist between painting and sculpture, blurring media and their spatial properties, and are adapted in correspondence with each specific architectural space and location.

His explorations encompass a rereading of the constructivist tradition fully embedded in Brazilian culture. The play takes place in modern times andGoethe’s time; characters are replaced subtly, e. Armagem,Armagem,Armagem, Each work: From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Retrieved from ” https: Typically, Benjamin locates this experience in art, which is, according to him, alone able, through mediation, to transcend the powers of myth.


Gigantic walking canes balance horizontally on a large portico of galvanized iron.

In the late 19th century, German sociologist Max Weberwho had read the works of Goethe at the age of 14, used Goethe’s conception of human “elective affinities” to formulate a large part of sociology. Wikisource has the text of the New International Encyclopedia article Wahlverwandtschaften.

Afinidades Eletivas

The book is situated around the city of Weimar. Her large-scale installations recall the formal afonidades of minimalist seriality and the evocative use of found materials characteristic of Arte Povera, while at the same time offering commentary on social codes.

The title is taken from a scientific term once used to describe the tendency of chemical species to combine with certain afiindades or species in preference to others. The work of Paulo Roberto Leal b. Dichtung und Wahrheit Italian Journey. How to cite this article. The term “elective affinities” is based on the older notion of chemical affinities.