Items 1 – 7 af Af Form – Fill Online, Printable, Fillable, Blank | PDFfiller Permissive Tdy Leave Form DOWNLOAD HERE REQUEST AND. The purpose of AF Form is for requesting and authorizing leave from service LEAVE REQUEST/AUTHORIZATI LEAVE REQUEST/AUTHORIZATION (See Privacy Act Statement and General Instructions below) TO: ACFP SECTION I 1.

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I just want to take a moment to remind people that no matter what LeaveWeb says, you do not need a leave authorization number to take leave. DJMS is the actual system where all things military pay is maintained.

Leave authorization numbers may be obtained telephonically or by electronic means. Welcome to the United States Air Force subreddit.

So, until the Air Force decides to torm their broken system, submit paper copies of your leave request as a much easier alternative. Other photos of people in uniform should have their face and name tape obscured in some way.

Please keep it civil. Watching them get whiplash from the fact that it is “too easy” in the Air Force is hilarious.

How long does it take to generate a leave number in LeaveWeb? I know this is kind of a joke meme, but, seriously. So in response i burned the form to a torm and manually transferred it but recieved the same result. The form is valid and LeaveWeb was not working.

No one seems to know why it was replaced.


Please turn JavaScript back on and reload this page. What is up with LeaveWeb? But good luck trying to sign it to have it sent to your supervisor. I am attempting to build a form for use by the employees at my company to track “signatures”. Submit a new text post. And i consider myself reasonably technically proficient in MOST things. You must provide all information in boxes one through six to include, your social security number, name, grade, date of request,leave balance and the type of transaction you are requesting.


Yes this is exactly it. So the question is, how long does your leave monitor sit on those requests?

Until your supervisor forgets to pass it off to the CSS and when he finally remembers, leabe starting leave and the CSS is closed for: You can be on authorized leave without LeaveWeb, but you need to eventually go through the process, even if it’s retroactive. Just an “easy” way to create a I used to be a dick. I never got to take advantage of that situation.

An hour to 2 days. That plus however long it takes until someone gets around to assigning it. Photos of people in uniform should be a public figure, or related to a news article or forj event. No one really reports all of the problems them so eventually Java quits working on all of them.

Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. Leaveweb has had af9888 since the hardware failure and the migration to the replacement. This will need to be signed with your supervising officer available to sign and approve your leave. One of the things I love to do when talking with Army compatriots is mention the issues with getting java to work on leaveweb, so sometimes it takes 10 minutes to get leave approved.


It always worked fine before that. AirForce submitted 1 year ago by vitaminsforyou Af98 moist. So, it sucks that you were told this. Want to add to the discussion?

Download AF Form | Leave Request | Authorization wikiDownload

Welcome to the United States Air Force subreddit. Friendly bashing between jobs is ok, as long as it doesn’t go too far. Verifies leave balance from current LES or unit leave balance listing. LeaveWeb is having underlying “issues”. Only Sgt Snuffy can sign that form, but he’s on vacation until next week Source Subreddit.

Please keep it civil. I still am, but I was then too. It is absolutely broken lesve nobody seems to give a shit. I had to put in leave for 3 ppl from their AF and couldn’t sign to submit it. I am woefully undereducated on PDF development i suspect to understand all of what is happening here but i have a feeling there is some script attached to the AF form that works that allows it to function properly.

You will find that this form has three sections. There are two ways to do this, one is to use a server, which is what the DoD does because they need to Reader Enable thousands of documents.