AEROSIL® R is a fumed silica aftertreated with HMDS based on AEROSIL® Applications and Properties. Physico-chemical Data. IL. L. LLL. LLLLLL. AEROSIL® R is a fumed silica aftertreated with organosilane (HMDS) with high specific surface and marked hydrophobia. — The Cary Company, Since. AEROSIL® R S fumed silica after treated with HMDS based on AEROSIL® It is used in paints and coatings, adhesives and sealants, and silicone.

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The particles dispersed within the emulsion i. Thus the silicone has a viscosity of at least aerosi cSt, preferably at least 75 cSt, more preferably at least cSt, more preferably still at least cSt and most preferably least cSt.

Additionally or alternatively the composition may comprise silicone in an amount of from 0. SEM images of these films showed a smooth and compact surface and so hydrophobicity of the film is mainly attributed to low surface energy of silicone.

For the avoidance of doubt, the word “comprising” is aerosi to mean “including” but not necessarily “consisting of or “composed of. Pump dispersers whether spray or non-spray pumps and pouring applications bottles etc are also possible. Where a feature is disclosed with respect to a particular aspect of the invention for example a composition of the inventionsuch disclosure is aerowil to be considered to apply to any other aspect of the invention for example a method of the invention mutatis mutandis.

Often solvent will make up the balance of the composition but optional ingredients such as colourants, preservatives and the like may also be present in the composition. Titanium oxide-coating agent, and forming method for titanium oxide-coating film. The superhydrophobic coating as claimed in claim 16, wherein the coating displays a contact angle for water of at least degrees, a sliding angle for water of less than 10 degrees, or both.


Disclosed is a composition capable of yielding a superhydrophobic coating.

Particularly preferred solvents, owing to their relative safety and high volatility, are polar organic solvent, more preferably Ci-C 4 alcohol. Such silicas are described, for example, in United States Patent No.

AEROSIL® R Hydrophobic Fumed Silica

The premix was added to one 1 kilogram of commercially available non-aqueous overprint varnish, GOP, made available by Dainippan Ink and Chemicals, Inc. In a second aspect, the invention is directed to a process for making the composition of the first aspect comprising the step of combining, in no particular order, the silica-based particles, at least a first part of the solvent and the silicone to provide a mixture.

Exemplary hydrophibically modified silicas include those comprising at least one of the following groups:. This varnish was made in a manner similar to Varnish 7A except that fifty 50 grams of silicone SL made commercially available by Dow Corning and two 2 grams of silane-based cross-linking agent was used. Super-hydrophobic coating material, preparation method thereof and super-hydrophobic coating.

The process as claimed in claim 13, wherein the second part of the solvent comprises water.

WO2012156173A1 – Superhydrophobic coating – Google Patents

The process as claimed in claim 11wherein the first part of the solvent comprises a polar organic solvent. The coating is superhydrophobic.

Fifty 50 grams of silica RSfifty 50 grams of silicone Bluestar BPtwo hundred grams of octane and fifteen 15 grams of OP emulsifier were combined with one hundred grams of water and vigorously mixed under atmospheric conditions and ambient temperature in order to produce an aeeosil having particles dispersed therein. In a third aspect, the present invention is directed to a method for making a superhydrophobic coating with the composition described in the first aspect of this invention, the method comprising the steps of applying the composition to a aerosio and allowing the composition to dry.


Are you a distributor who is interested in being listed here? Such structures can be used for arosil that possess superhydrophobic properties. Thermosetting resin composition for sealing packing of semiconductor, and semiconductor device. Droughts, poor irrigation and insufficient plumbing systems are just some of the reasons that cause water shortages in certain regions.

The present inventors have recognized that there is a need to generate coatings that do not alter the look of surfaces they are applied on.

Typically the particles in an unbundled state will have a particle size in the range of 0. The only limitations with respect to the type of silica-based particle that may be used in this invention is that the same can be used to generate microclusters and can be aeeosil in a composition suitable for use by consumers to generate a superhydrophobic coating.

In Thin Solid Films pp. Request for preliminary examination filed after expiration of 19th month from priority date pct application filed from Other efforts have been disclosed for making hydrophobic surfaces. This invention, therefore, is directed to a composition for r8122 a superhydrophobic coating comprising silicone and aggregates or microclusters whereby the same comprises silica-based particles and the microclusters have diameters from 1 nm to nm.

Silicone fluids or oils are widely commercially available from manufacturers such as Dow Corning or Blue Star Silicones.