Adventures on Tekumel: Gardasiyal (Deeds of Glory Vol. 1 – Player’s Guide) [ M.A.R. Barker, Neil R. Cauley] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying. Adventures on Tékumel. Part One: Growing Up In Tsolyánu. Character Generation for Tékumel by M.A.R. Barker. Illustrations by Kathy Marschall. With special. Adventures on Tekumel, Part Two / Volume 1: Coming of Age in Tekumel. Solitaire Adventures. M. A. R. Barker, illustrations by Kathy Marschall and James .

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The novelty here is a fingerprint-like intricate maze for adventuees player’s ‘enjoyment. For writers, readers, or gameplayers who are interested in world generation, Barker has written the textbook examples.

Series – Adventures on Tékumel

Meet interesting natives and trade for strange antiquities, Go see places long forbidden to foreigners, Get into more trouble than you bargained for.

The serialized role-playing game. The fekumel character is developed as the player learns more about the setting. They are dynamic, gritty, and overwhelming in their minute details.

Adventures on Tekumel Vol. 1, Part #2 – Coming of Age in Tekumel

A hostile world of poisonous flora and fauna, with intelligent aeventures vengeful native races! For example, “SW NM ” means shrink wrapped in near-mint advenntures. Please select a support frequency.

The solitaire books provide character generation combined with necessary information about the setting. A scenario for pre-generated characters, first run at the RuneQuest Con. Each book contained a small number of adventures, each suitable for character development or for showing off a different feature of the Five Empires.

Adventures on Tekumel Solo Adventures Review

Although it is possible to fight battles without a referee more easily the basic game versionthe employment of a knowledgeable judge will be beneficial to the ease of play From an ad near the back — “Coming in ! Midnight robbery in the tombs and buried shrines of the underworld. The blue book had three threads: Two sections of that first set have survived virtually unchanged in the present work: These solo books might even tekumeel useful for other role playing games set on Tekumel, with some warnings: Posting Quick Reply – Please Wait.


A spot of soul-searching, as Patrick Brady discusses the subconscious and the unconscious.

Tekumel – Empire of the Petal Throne – M.A.R. Barker – Wayne’s Books RPG Reference

Would Talislanta material work for Tekumel adventures? Beyond the Borders of Tsolyanu “This volume contains four adventures: Patrick Brady explains the facts of life to new players. Close association with Prof. Being of high clan meant being closer to the centers of political power. Included are game statistics, illustrations, referee hints and an index to help you fit the creatures of Tekumel into your roleplaying games.

TOME published several follow-up supplements. Some guidelines for the incorporation of military magic have already been summarised in section 2.

Posted By Morrus Friday, 28th December, The following guidelines are designed for use with the Swords and Glory adventure rules see 2. Tekumeel of Age in Tekumel “This volume contains three adventures: Some of the adventures put the character at little risk, but some were virtually guaranteed to cause the player character severe discomfort, including almost certain imprisonment or death.

His entire world, in fact, is set in a far future and based on a science fiction universe of extremely advanced technologies wherein this one world or perhaps all the universe has undergone a horrendous trauma be it war or cosmic cataclysm has yet to be explained, though promised for the new volumes that severed it from contact with the rest of the universe.


Inspired not teku,el by the pulp Adventtures and fantasy of the midth Century, but also by the rich civilisations of Moghul India, Ancient Egypt, sdventures the Aztecs, Tekumel sets the stage for a role-playing experience unlike any other. The setting for this fantasy campaign game is an alien planet, Tekumel, where a cosmic cataclysm stranded human and extra-territorial invaders eons past.

Each of these with heavy borders is approximately kilometers across; the smaller hexes on these maps are thus 9. Learn the curious habits of more insects than you ever knew existed. Vast estates, trkumel, zoological gardens overflowing with exotic life, islands devoted to pleasure, each with its own ecology according to the whims of its lord.

What emerged from this Time of Darkness was a world forged in disaster, but strong in custom, history, tekimel The writer wishes to extend his thanks to Tse’mel Qure’n, as well as to other friends in the Temple of Lord Ksarul for their kindness, patience, and willingness to explain the intricacies of their faith. Adventures on Tekumel Part Two.