Next session is 11/22/ Ongoing program acRviRes. Retreat completed in September. Please complete Crossword puzzle in. Appendix A of workbook p Ad Altare Dei – Chapter 1: Sacraments and Sacramentals in Our Daily . of this workbook and discuss one or more chapters with him at a time. Ad Altare Dei – Chapter 7 – Holy Orders . from the beginning to the end of this workbook and discuss one or more chapters with him at a time.

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All steps in this program must be completed before presenting yourself to the Catholic Committee on Scouting, Review Board. When all chapters are completed, please contact the Office of Worobook Ministry for a calendar of important dates, including Board of Review dates, Presentation Sundays, retreats, days of recollection, etc.

National Catholic Committee on Scouting – Ad Altare Dei

All scout leaders are welcome to join our Catholic Committee! Please complete Crossword puzzle in. Do people like being around you? Each Scout must have his own Activity Book.

Appendix A of workbook p. Active member of a unit for 6 months.

The Mystery of the Mass Revealed. This program helps you to see Jesus Christ as part of your daily life as well as develop a fully Christian way of life in a faith community. Press ESC to close. Rite develop a fully Christian way of life in the faith.

Actively work on the activities. As we know Scouts across the world all greet each other with a left-handed handshake and that it is a sign of trust and friendship but why did and how did Baden Powell come to decide to use it worknook he formed the Scout Movement. I Will Follow is taken from the study, Altaration: It challenges the high school age Scout or Venturer to recognize their membership in the community of faith so as to foster a leadership role through example and responsible action, thus helping to owrkbook in the Kingdom of God.


The program helps scouts reflect upon how the sacraments are applicable to their daily lives through writing and other activities, service projects and prayer.

The Diocesan Catholic Committee on Scouting hopes many more scouts will be able to participate in Ad Altare Dei and all other religious emblem programs. This program is designed to assist youth in discovering how the Holy Dorkbook moves in their lives, calling them to greater participation in ministry of the Church.

I has been such an encouragement and made it so much easier to lead the sessions. The counselor will sign and date the certification of completion for the step Spiritual edi should be evident when progressing from step to step.


The word relic comes from the Latin reliquiae, meaning “remains” or “something left behind”. The program is based on the seven sacraments. Furthermore, the program underlines the basis of the Catholic faith and helps all participating to fulfill their duty to God, as required of all scouts.

When asked why Baden Powell was told that by offering his left hand which traditionally was used to hold a shield for protection he was showing his trust to his enemy or friend for with out the shield for protection he was open to attack. When all parts of a step are completed, review the Emblem book with the counselor. Used for contemplative prayer or meditation. This is accomplished by actively involving the participants in an understanding of Mary as the altate of openness and aktare woman of the Church.


Thank you so much for this blog! This program helps the Tiger and Wolf develop a personal relationship with Jesus. Sincewhen CYC began administrating the program, over boys have earned this award. Parents and guardians are also invited to attend this first meeting with their scouts.

Keep the Religious Emblems Coordinator informed of his progress. The youths Emblem book is to be examined as the Scout proceeds through each step of the program.

Scouts are Reverent: Ad Altare Dei Progress Checklist

Social — Do you like being around people? Merry Christmas and have a blessed New Year! The program is based on the seven sacraments. Can da see yourself speaking up for those being treated unjustly?

Workbool to Serving God and Others — At their deepest level, men who enter the seminary will often say that serving God and his people are the things that bring them a deep sense of joy. Self – Discipline — Does your life reflect the ability to live the commandments?