36.331 3GPP SPEC PDF

Radio Resource Control (RRC);. Protocol specification. (3GPP TS version Release 14). TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION. 3GPP TS V (). Technical Specification. 3rd Generation Partnership Project;. Technical Specification Group Radio Access Network;. Evolved. The present document has been developed within the 3rd Generation Partnership Project (3GPP TM) and may be further elaborated for the.

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The transitions to lower energy consuming states occur when inactivity timers trigger. Transport Block Size and Throughput Calculation.

www.3gpp.org – /ftp/Specs/archive/36_series/36.331/

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This is where you can download the TTCN source code from. BBB for the detailed explanation”.

LCS indicator information element Figure 9. NAS key set identifier information element Table 9. Downlink signals are initially set up according to Annex C. Dpec client identity information element Table 9. PDN address information element Table 9. NAS message container information element Figure 9. To maintain the compatibility If you want to know the details of Conformance Test sprc LTE, you need to refer to the specification listed at http: Meetings Version Upload date Comment.


This is where you can download the TTCN source code from http: Dual connectivity for LTE. If you open up the TTCN source, it would look extremly complicated and I don’t know where to start to look at. So I created a separate pages for IMS related specification and brief introduction to each of the documents. Reordering of fields in RRCCo Multimedia Broadcast and Multicast Service. General Versions Responsibility Related. Removed a Rel ASN.

Radio Resource Control – Wikipedia

EPS bearer context status information element Table 9. UE Test Environment Signalling and Procedure for Interference Avoidance for in-device coexistence.

EPS mobile identity information element Figure 9. CLI information element Figure 9.

PDN type information element Table 9. Different operators have different configurations for the inactivity timers, which leads to differences in energy consumption. D2D Device to Device. This would be the first frustration when you try to understand based on the 3GPP specification.

KSI and sequence number information element Figure 9. Service type information element Table 9. For example, spdc you want to understand the procedure about “LTE Transmit Power” Measurement, the first thing you will look into will be the following description of EPS – TS Retrieved 10 April