Symmetric. F (R U R’ U’) (R U R’ U’) F’. Adjacent. (R U2 R’ U’) (R U2) (L’ U R’ U’ L). 2x2x2 PLL (inc. Ortega P2L). Diagonal. U Face Only PLLs. U & D Face PLLs. Using Ortega as a 2x2x2 method first involves solving one face intuitively; don’t worry about solving an entire layer, because. Specifically, the Ortega method and the Guimond method, perhaps the two most popular advanced 2x2x2 methods, both finish with a PBL step.

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Kit Clement Premium Member Apr 14, It’s not too hard to learn as it is basically the layer-by-layer method with one major shortcut and a few extra algorithms: The thing is, his lines are parallel for the two opposite edge switcher.

For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Retrieved from ” https: You do not need to solve a layer–just the face.

Ortega Method

Try doing r2 l2 u2 r2 l2 u2. Learning to solve the 2×2 using the Ortega method requires very few algorithms and you probably already know most of them. Recently I’ve been trying to improve my 2x2x2 times ogtega using the Ortega Method. The first two algorithms Y perm and A perm only affect the top layer, and because of that, they can be used in LBL methods.

Bob Burton’s

The last step may sound difficult but there are only 5 possible cases, so it is quick to learn. Using Ortega as a 3x3x3 method involves first solving the corners completely, followed by insertion of the D layer edgesand 3 of the U-layer edges. Categories 2x2x2 2x2x2 methods 2x2x2 speedsolving methods 3x3x3 corners first methods 3x3x3 methods 3x3x3 speedsolving methods. There are a bunch of new printable Rubik’s cube guides and quite a few updates to my old ones.


I’m terrible with algorithms so my 2x2x2 technique is a simplified 3x3x3 layer-by-layer method. However, the naming change did not stick and the majority still call it “Ortega”, although “Varasano-Ortega” is sometimes used. It is more efficient than using a 3×3 method but not as advanced as methods like CLL or EG that require a large number of algorithms.

If you are already a member, simply login to hide this message and begin participating in the community! In competitive cuber and YouTuber Christopher Olson researched the creation of the Ortega method.

There are only five distinct cases. I’m looking foward to sq.

JohnnyA Member Apr 14, TecSpy — Michael Erskine’s home domain. Second, orient the opposite face, either by using the same OLL algorithms as on 3x3x3 or by using more efficient ones made for 2x2x2 see below. If you can already orient corners in one step on the 3×3, you will already have an alg for this step, but since you can ignore edges and centers there are nonewe can use some shorter algs than usual.

It doesn’t really matter, but it’s actually swapping them diagonally. Wiki tools Special pages. He found an original 3×3 method in a book by Jeffrey Varasanothe US record holder for otrega Rubik’s cube, explaining how he solved a Rubik’s cube in under 45 seconds. If you are not color neutral for solving the 2×2, you should make it a priority. Ortega method Information about the method Proposer s: Face 1 The ortgea step is to just solve any face.

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This would have been useful a few months ago, because I had to turn on my computer just to refer to a few algorithms that I just can’t memorize. This step is very easy and only requires orhega few moves.


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This is the same step as on the 3×3 except there are only 8 cases. Skip to main content. The case shown in the picture in the method information box is known as Suneone of the OLL orrtega. From the screen shots it looks like you put a whole lot of time and effort into making them. Kidstardust Member Apr 15, Starting with week 33, I’m 2xx2x2 using the Ortega method in the speedsolving.

Feel free to copy them, change them, whatever you like! This step should only take oretga 4 moves on average, so it’s easy to start planning the OLL during inspection. A Simple 2x2x2 Method I’m terrible with algorithms so my 2x2x2 technique is a simplified 3x3x3 layer-by-layer method. It is actually possible, in theory, to do PBL in one step for 3x3x3 or Square-1 – in this case we would be permuting not only corners but the whole layers.

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The Ortega Method is an intermediate 2×2 method.