Study Flashcards On 2AX7X CDC Vol 1 & 2 Edit Code 5 at Quickly memorize the terms, phrases and much more. makes it easy to get the . [ report this test ]. 2AX7X CDC Pretest 2 of In no particular unit/volume order, a random test of all URE and Self Test questions from the 2AX7X CDC’s 2 of Free flashcards to help memorize facts about 7 LvL CDCs taken from CDC Vol 1 and 2. Other activities to help include hangman, crossword, word scramble.

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Abbreviated step by step procedures for operations and maintenance of systems and equipment in the sequence deemed most practical. Already have an account? Which supply tracking document is produced daily and lists all back-ordered pars with an urgency of need UND code A?

For the purposes of maintenance scheduling, what is the definition of maintenance requirement? Which integrated maintenance database system-central database IMDS-CDB subsystem allows users to track maintenance actions and has both maintenance and supply data? A funded or unfunded statement of manpower needed to accomplish a job, workload, 2az7x or program.

In squadron-sized fighter aircraft units, the AMU’s Weapons section Maintenance element is sometimes combined with the. Which Maintenance flight section is often tasked with rigging and replacing landing gears and performing work that is beyond the capability of other activities? Who must approve a waiver before an individual can be added to the special certification roster SCR for a task normally performed by a person of a higher grade? What overall C-level is reported for a unit that possesses the required resources and is trained to undertake many, ccdc not all, portions of the wartime mission s for which it was organized or designed?

What type of performance indicator shows a problem first, while it is impacting maintenance’s capability to provide resources to execute the mission? Park aircraft in a restricted area designed for priority “A” or keep aircraft under continuous surveillance or use an intrusions detection system that assures positive entry control.


Provided it is ccd serviceable, you are allowed to inspect and re-mark with a new expiration date which type of shelf life item? D18, Prioity Monitor Report Which supply tracking document provides a management 2qx7x for monitoring issue and bench stock supply support? Ccd ensure the job is performed safelywhat is one of the first things that should be done before an aircraft is jacked?

What is the special purpose recoverable authorized maintenance SPRAM flag code for stand-alone spares? The EID used to mark tools has nine digits.

Free Management Flashcards about 2AX7X 7LvL CDC

The assets in a high priority mission support kit HPMSK should be transferred 22ax7x the host base’s standard base supply system account after how many days? Ensure maintenance training programs meet the intent of HHQ instructions. Which section is normally responsible for aircraft troubleshooting, on-equipment repairs, component removal and installation, reprogramming avionics systems, and classified aircraft items management? Maintenance data system analysis MDSA What block of supply training covers general supply indoctrination subjects?

2ax7x Practice Test Volume 2 Of 2

What training phase has these four sub-phases: Before a supply point can be established and located in a maintenance work area, cdv must Maintenance coordinate with? As it pertains to preparation for deployment, what is the primary purpose of aicraft generation? Normally, only maintenance tasks that have a high potential for personnel injury or damage to equipment. The maximum total initial duty time including home station duty, travel time, and recovery site duty upon arrival that a maintenance recovery team member may be worked before being given 8 hours uniterrupted rest 2xx7x.

When an inventory of xdc materials is accomplished, what should also be completed in the CDC volumes before a trainee is allowed to begin work on the CDC course? Which of the following is not normally a maintenance supply liaison duty?


What maintenance priority designator is assigned to primary mission aircraft undergoing scheduled maintenance that if not accomplished would prevent or delay mission accomplishment?

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II What is an obvious sign of pollution? Leads to greater interoperability, improves maintenance quality and ensures maintenance effectiveness. Which Avionics flight section is responsible for performing off-equipment maintenance on pressure altimeters, engine test cell instrumentation, INS, and navigation computers?

Aircraft not assigned to the local base and are en route crc one location to another that may require route servicing.

A meeting to discuss manning issues in the maintenance group MXG is normally held. Which AF publication provides general guidance for executing an effective maintenance recovery operation? In addition to the repair setions’s organization and section dcc, what minium details should be listed?

XB3 Shop stock should not exceed how many days of usage? Which agency is normally responsible for monitoring the overall maintenance supply interface and resolving supply support problems?

7 Level CDC Quiz 2ax7x

A disconnect can occur between manpower requirements determined by a LCOM study and actual requirements. What type of specialized regional repair facility provides intermediate-level maintenance for selected commodities? Which section is responsible for performing in-laboratory and on-site calibration and repair for the TMDE flight? In order to account for unfunded requirements and valid non-maintenance tasks, the logistics composite model LCOM allows what percentage of overhead manning?

What type of Security Forces support is normally provided for a fighter cdd with a security priority “C” designator? Ensuring at least one of the team is on the flight line while maintenance is being performed. I agree to the Terms of Services and Privacy Notice.

Ensuring aircraft and equipment forms documentation is accurate and complete.