24C Datasheet, 24C 16kbyte Serial SMD EEPROM Datasheet, buy 24CSMD. 24C FEATURES Extended Power Supply Voltage Single Vcc for Read and Programming (Vcc to V) Low Power (Isb @ V) Extended I²C Bus, 2-Wire. Product Support – Data sheets and errata, application notes and . Microchip products meet the specification contained in their particular Microchip Data Sheet .

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I don’t even have records for the Beta versions. Fri Feb 28, 5: You need a pull-up resistor on SDA: You should write very: The bus capacitance in an i2c circuit is mainly due to the “input capacitance” of the i2c chips.

That’s the “Cbus” that they’re talking about. What PIC are you using? Probably, most embedded applications only use the EEPROM for a short interval, compared to the overall time that they’re running.

24C Datasheet pdf – 2-WireSerialEEPROMs – Atmel

So don’t add any. Hope that CCS had the software i2c: The users were the Beta testers unknowingly,: I don’t even have records for the: It doesn’t represent capacitors that you’re supposed to add. What version of the CCS compiler do you have? The only reason you would want to use the largest possible resistor is if you have a low-power design, and your primary concern is conserving the battery. Hope that CCS had the software i2c working with vs.


CCS does not monitor this forum on a regular basis. Especially, a common GND between: The users were the Beta testers unknowingly, until they figured it out.

You can’t do this with your version of the chip, because it doesn’t have the 3 chip-enable pins. So I can’t tell you if there was a problem for sure. Once i put the pull up resistors in it started to work.

Are you using ICD? In your case, you should connect them to GND.

For example, in Table 8: I might have that version at the company, and could test it on Monday, but I’m not sure. Send them fatasheet support ccsinfo.

24C Datasheet(PDF) – List of Unclassifed Manufacturers

For the SCL pin, it’s 6 pf max. It probably didn’t get out of “Beta” meaning excessingly buggy until version 3. Mon Mar 03, 7: Sat Mar 01, 4: The resistors should be connected as shown in this schematic: On the EEPROM, if you have the version that has “chip enable” pins, then what voltage levels do you have these pins connected to? For example, at KHz, with 70 pf, you should use a resistor no larger in value than 4K. In that schematic, the “Cbus capacitors” symbolize capacitance that’s inherent in the circuit.


24C128 Datasheet

I might have that version at the company, and could: So do that, and don’t add any capacitors. Don’t try using hardware i2c.

For pf, the largest resistor value can be datasneet. If you had the chip that has 3 chip-enable lines, then it would be a “-BBN6”.

24C128 Datasheet PDF

You could use 2. Is this your very first project, or have you made other projects work first, such as blinking a LED, etc. It’s much better to go for signal integrity. Here’s the data sheet: It’s much dztasheet to go for signal: I am tring to use an ST M supplier farnell calls it 24C external eeprom chip with the It states on page 3, that they must be connected to Vcc or GND.

So I can’t tell you if there was a problem: Is this your very first project, or have you made other: It probably didn’t get out of: If you had the chip: Fri Feb 28, 1: