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View Notes – fsoln from EECS at University of California, Berkeley. f; University of California, Berkeley; EECS – Spring With insanely simple controls and powerful autonomous flight capabilities, 3DR’s Solo makes capturing awesome cinematic shots easier than. IEEE Conf. on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition, CVPR03, pp. Rosin and West, [doi>/_4]. Rusi$#;ol and Llad$# ;s, Sparse solutions using hash storage. IEEE Trans.

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Muyeye also supplies African Ventures Osln. Panju from Miki in the Itombwe region and from the Hombo region, where FDLR are also known to dominate the minerals trade in nearby areas. Mutoka more than 50 times between January and Augustand more than times with Mange between May and September The same four former combatants, as well as several others separately interviewed by the Group from the Uvira and Fizi territories of South Kivu, have reported that the coordination of weapon and ammunition deliveries from the area of Lake Tanganyika was supervised by Lieutenant Colonel Flicien Nsanzubukire alias 243s009 Irakeza and Major Mazuru who is in contact with Colonel Nakabaka of the FARDC, as described 23s2009 para.

Kumar at the Asian Exchange Centre bureau.

UN Report Congo Group Experts

In another e-mail, dated 24 Julyhe tells his interlocutor that he can introduce him to the Tanzanian authorities. Munyaruguru, as well with as other individuals in Norway still being identified by the Group.

Hill Side is a company owned and operated by Claude Ntuyenabu, a prominent businessman in Goma. Cassiterite traders in Bukavu who sell to Mr. The Group has obtained telephone records showing a series of three telephone communications between Shabua and General Musare on 13 July He also adds that we know each other very well and they know my stance in this situation. The Group separately interviewed two FARDC officers of the tenth military region who were aware of the diversion of this military equipment.

Lodhias carriers had provided gold directly to Mr.

The Ethiopian authorities have systematically ignored the Groups requests for information since Mutokas telephone logs also show that he has been in communication 22 times with a Belgian number belonging to Guy Liongola, a gold trader based in Belgium, between January and September Article 41 of the statutes notes that the president and vice-presidents of FDLR are the legal representatives of the movement see annex 17 for an organizational chart of the core FDLR military and political leadership.

The vast majority of these combatants were repatriated to Rwanda, but there have also been several cases of repatriations to Burundi and Uganda.


Mutoka informed the Group that since his primary client in Dubai, Kaloti Jewelry, ceased buying from him inhe declares his gold to customs in Burundi after which it is broken up into smaller packages and carried to Dubai by a number of his agents and declared at customs before being sold anywhere in the gold souk.

The Group has also obtained a document from South Kivus provincial mining ministry showing that MDM made a purchase as late as Septemberalthough mining officials insisted they had made a mistake and had intended to book the purchase in the name of WMC annex The Group has been informed by Congolese mining agents, as well as international buyers of cassiterite, that Mr.

As part of this alliance, the three armed groups cooperate in smuggling natural resources from the territory of Uvira to Burundi and the United Republic of Tanzania, share weapons stocks and assist each other to infiltrate and hide out in the Ruzizi plain and across the border in forested areas in Burundi. The Group has sokn met Mr.

The present report also documents the failure of a number of States to notify the sanctions committee of training they provided to FARDC. Mbayahi was subsequently collected from his hotel in a sports utility vehicle driven by a young Indian man who was accompanied by a Ugandan security official in uniform. After the Group had explained that it knew the company address was the same address as Mr.

The accounts belong to various individuals based in Solnn, Bujumbura and Dar es Salaam, and the Group is currently analysing banking documents related to these accounts. Mutoka admitted to breaking the gold stocks down into packages of less than a few kilograms to avoid detection by Dubai customs.

In conclusion, the Group regrets a general lack of cooperation by all parties, including transporters, with its investigations of the gold sector. Emirates Airlines was unable to work with the Group as it never obtained authorization from the United Arab Emirates authorities.

Kotecha informed the Group in that Afrimex had ceased mineral purchasing activities.

UN Report Congo Group Experts – [PDF Document]

Similarly, the Group has obtained further eyewitness accounts, as well as confirmation from son in the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Burundian security services, that during the months of July and Augustseveral FDLR elements were observed fleeing FARDC military operations into Burundi.

The Group has confirmation that Mr.

Habiyaremye informed the Group that he transferred such funds to an employee of Kavatsi known as Shabua, who according to another RUD former combatant, acts as a courier for supplies to RUDUrunana. Ndagundi, that he has woln links to the ruling Counseil national pour la dfense de la dmocratie-forces pour la dfense de la dmocratie CNDD-FDD party in Burundi, as well as senior officials in the Government, police and military of the United Republic of Tanzania.

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The Group obtained evidence that Etablissement Muyeye, one of the biggest mineral trading houses in Bukavu, has organized 243s22009 transfer of funds through Western Union to individuals in Germany who are helping Mr. It is worth underlining that all the above MONUC disarmament, demobilization, 033, reintegration and resettlement exercises had been previously agreed upon by MONUC with FARDC chief of staff General Didier Etumba and the commander of Kimia II, General Dieudonn Amuli, who had acknowledged that disarmament, demobilization, repatriation, reintegration and resettlement deployments should be fully integrated into ongoing military operations.

Huber is a Swiss businessman who has been widely cited by various government officials and in public reports as having been involved in the large-scale transport of coltan out of the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Rwanda during the period of the Rwandan-backed RCD-Goma rebel occupation in eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo during the period The Group received strong indications of high-level protection and in some cases complicity in the illicit gold trade by Government officials.

Etablissement Muyeye is run by Muyeye Byaboshi, another Bukavu-based businessman. Exports to international markets The Group of Experts has investigated the operations of a white Mi-8 helicopter based out of Goma and requisitioned by the Congolese National Police.

Several gold traders interviewed in Kampala and Dubai, as well as an anonymous contact, informed the Group in separate interviews and communications that major gold trading businesses in Kampala were instructed to shut down their activities during the week of the Groups visit to Kampala in June Several sources in Burundi stated that Mr.

The second transfer was made by Mr. The Group continued its research eoln FDLRs illegal exploitation of natural resources in complicity with traders working for Congolese mineral-exporting companies. The operations have also been a vector through which former CNDP officers have cemented their control over mineral-rich areas, notably the Hauts Plateaux area in Kalehe, mining areas in Walikale and areas around the KahuziBiega National Park in Shabunda territory.

According to several military sources, Colonel Rugayis 14th brigade was also heavily infiltrated by FDLR fighters when it was deployed in mining-rich zones in the territory of Kalehe. These comptoirs are among the major exporters of cassiterite in eastern Congo.