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(3GPP TS version Release 12). TECHNICAL The cross reference between GSM, UMTS, 3GPP and ETSI identities can be found under. Descriptor and Table of Contents (1 of 40) for 3GPP TS – General Packet Radio Service (GPRS) enhancements for Evolved Universal Terrestrial Radio. 3GPP TS Numbering, Addressing and Identification 3GPP CT WG4 access 3GPP SA WG2 3GPP TS.

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A long periodic TAU 3tpp is likely to slow down the rate at which a UE detects a network failure and thus it slows down the rate of movement of UEs from a failed network to other local 24301 networks see clause 4. Realization for SIPTO relies on the same architecture models and principles as for local breakout described in clause 4. The relaying architecture is shown in figure 4. Stage 2 BB II: Stage 2 Security Architecture.


The RN follows normal UE behaviour, e. For discrepancies between this overview clause and the detailed procedure and function descriptions the latter take precedence. Following the failure of a more preferred PLMN, UEs configured as above might change to other local competing networks. Stage 2 for BB3: The emergency bearer contexts shall not be changed to non-emergency bearer contexts and vice versa.

The MME implementation may need to take into account the fact that eNodeBs compliant to Release 9 and earlier version of the specifications do not support the percentage overload indication.

The load re-balancing can off-load part of or all the subscribers. Redundancy support on reference points S5 and S8 should be taken into account.

3GPP TS (1 of 40) – GPRS enhancements for E-UTRAN access

Explicit reference points are not defined for these routes. Network Improvements for Machine-Type Communications. SA 2 Secondary responsible groups: Also UEs that had attached for normal services and do not have emergency bearers established and are camped on a cell in limited service state e. Under change control Type: Each route consists of the originating node, zero or more relay nodes and the destination node.


www.3gpp.org – /ftp/specs/archive/23_series/23.401/

Stage 2 for Dedicated Core Networks. Special care needs to be taken when offloading Relay Nodes. If this Implicit Detach timer expires before the UE contacts the network, then the MME can deduce that the UE has been ‘out of coverage’ for a long period of time and implicitly detach the UE as described in clause 5.

Additionally, the local network may want to provide IMS emergency call support differently than what is allowed by a UE subscription.

Delete Subscriber Data functional procedure – can’t find in 3GPP : LTE

When an MPS session is requested by a Service User, the following bearer management principles apply in the network: The details of the selection are implementation specific. Are you sure you want delete specification? The last received value of the throttling factor and throttling delay supersedes any previous values received from that MME.

The above functionality is to diminish the performance advantage for UEs that do not 234001 the NAS 3ggpp back-off timer e.

The operators do not only share the radio network elements, but may also share the radio resources themselves. Earthquake and Tsunami Warning System. Packet data network may be an operator external public or private packet data network or an intra operator packet data network, e. For discrepancies between this overview clause and the detailed procedure and function descriptions, the latter take precedence.

Version created with approved To allow the emergency attached UE to get access to normal services after the emergency call has ended and when it has moved to a new area that is not stored by the UE as a forbidden area, the UE may explicitly detach and reattach to normal services without waiting for the emergency PDN connection deactivation by the PDN GW.

The Session Management congestion control does not prevent the UE to send and receive data or initiate Service Request procedures for activating user plane bearers towards the APN s that are under ESM congestion control. Only UEs that are authenticated are allowed. These user plane forwarding routes can cross inter-PLMN boundaries e. During an overload situation the MME should attempt to maintain support for emergency bearer services.


In the case of a reference to a 3GPP document including a GSM documenta non-specific reference implicitly refers to the latest version of that document in the same Release as the present document. Service Users as per TS All UEs are allowed. This reference point corresponds to Gi for 3GPP accesses. Updated with approved CRs at UEs can be configured for one or more of the above options.

Meetings Version Upload date Comment. Use of a too short timer for the more preferred PLMN search can both prevent the failed network from recovering, and, impose more load on the local competing networks. The protocol option i. Emergency bearer services are functionalities provided by the serving network when the network is configured to support emergency services. Expiry of this search timer will lead to the UE re-attempting to access the failed network, and then, if that network has not yet recovered, reaccessing one of the local competing networks.

The UE is allowed to initiate the Session Management procedures for high priority accesss and emergency services even when the Session Management back-off timer is running. The low access priority indicator in NAS signalling and the corresponding low access priority for RRC connection establishment are only used by the network to decide whether to accept the NAS request or the setup of the RRC connection respectively.

In addition the MME may off-load a cross-section of its subscribers with minimal impacts on the network and users e. The concurrent use of AF’s in the home network and AF’s in the visited network is not excluded.