Brief summary of MGMA’s physician compensation survey from to , according to the MGMA’s new Physician Compensation. Direct Compensation and Productivity for Physicians. All Group Types. Section III: Summary of Starting Salaries by Specialty. New Physicians. Data extracted from MGMA Physician Compensation and Production Median Comp – Hospital Practices.

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Trends should be shared with the membership at the annual vascular meeting or special meetings focused on compensation compensxtion productivity. Whether this trend continues or not, quality of care and cost concerns as well as the impending shortage of VS will certainly lead to fewer solo and small practices.

Support Center Support Center. Net collections do reflect actual collections but are heavily influenced by payer mix and may discourage physicians from providing service to uninsured or poorly 210 patients.

Page 35 – _SAM_FINAL

Again, due to small sample sizes, the validity of such surveys is often questioned as to whether they accurately represent compensation levels across the specialty. Will it be at the specialty division, department, faculty plan, or a combination? In addition, the physician is penalized for patient noncompliance. In a large number of groups, a combination of one of the above methods may be in use that takes a middle ground. A survey questionnaire was developed to gather information about member demographics, academic versus private practice, employment status, time in practice, measures of work, and productivity criteria.

AMC, academicmedical center; Hosp, hospital. With a changing environment and employment status of VS, tracking measures of productivity and proper benchmarking become vitally important. Author manuscript; available in PMC Oct 7. The IDSA compensation survey also brings to attention the income disparity across gender that exists within the subspecialty of ID. Conclusion In conclusion, with a changing environment and employment status of VS, tracking measures of productivity and therefore compensation and proper benchmarking become vitally important for employment negotiations.


Conquering your practice’s billing and reimbursement. The greater the complexity and difficulty of the procedure, the greater the WRVU. The SVS is in an ideal position for maintaining a database, which can be accessed by members to benchmark their productivity with similar groups and compensqtion spot discrepancies between a database that they trust and the health system-supplied information.

This finding is supported by the fact that net collections, for which RVU tracking is not needed were the most common measure of productivity rather than RVUs. Gender differences in academic advancement: The survey was funded by the Infectious Diseases Society of America.

Production-based formulas have become the most common method of physician compensation. We are confident that the future for ID specialists grows ever brighter, and co,pensation need to attract intellectually curious and motivated individuals to join our specialty, with an understanding that they can enjoy productive, fulfilling careers that are as financially competitive as other specialties.

Accessed 7 January Gross charges are also easy to ascertain but do not reflect contractual adjustments or collections and they do not allow comparison of physician output.

Infectious Diseases Physician Compensation: An Improved Perspective

The resource based relative value scale, Medicare Physician fee schedule, and other payment mechanisms. Although the IDSA compensation survey was not designed to further 20100 the reasons behind the compesnation disparity across gender, it is nonetheless useful to have figures from a representative sample specific to the ID specialty.

How do race and sex affect the earnings of primary care physicians? To survey the Society for Vascular Surgery SVS membership with regard to type of practice, employment status, work effort, and productivity criteria. This has resulted in many downstream effects that are putting tremendous pressure on the current American medical field work force.

Therefore, compensation can be tied to overall productivity just not to per unit of production. Specialties with the highest compensation paired with compfnsation life style factors continue to be the most popular at attracting top US medical school graduates.


Read Physician Compensation and Production Survey: 2010 Report Based on 2009 Data (Mgma Physician

Satiani B, Vaccaro PS. The publisher’s xompensation edited version of this article is available at Vasc Endovascular Surg. Limitation of the Study The low response rate is of concern although the SVS staff observes that this is within range of the surveys sent out by the society.

So, if a faculty member is 0.

Accessed 6 January A survey questionnaire was developed to gather compensztion about member demographics, academic versus private practice, full-time FT employed versus physician-owned groups, time in practice, measures of work total relative value [RVU] and work relative value units [WRVUs]productivity criteria, and employment status.

If an academic VS at 0. Although all respondents were United States-based, they were geographically dispersed throughout the country. While our survey only generated a range of compejsation measures, it is reasonable to look across at the most frequent ranges reported by the membership and compare the RVUs and WRVUs with appropriate benchmarks for both VS in private and academic practice.

It should be noted that the Medscape survey results are published online for compensatoon, whereas MGMA data are available under mbma service. However, individual VS or small groups will be at a disadvantage as a result of either not tracking productivity measures or, if they are, failing to track the appropriate ones. We are aware that compensation is a driving factor on specialty selection for residents and medical school students interested in the field of ID [ 1 ].

The society can use compensatino findings to tailor some of its educational efforts, shape the annual national meeting agenda to provide more education on business matters, direct its governmental lobbying activities, and act as a repository of practice-related data for use by SVS members.