motorcycle assembly preparation manual page 2 kawasaki and theirebook download kawasaki ninja r owners manual kawasaki ninja r. road, the Ninja , now with optional ABS models offers a versatile riding experience for both Adhere to the maintenance schedule in your owner’s manual. View and Download Kawasaki Ninja R service manual online. Ninja R Motorcycle pdf manual download. Also for: Ninja er-6f, Ninja er-6f abs.

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Cylinder head gasket damaged Spark plug loose Cylinder head warped Cylinder head not sufficiently tightened Valve spring broken or weak down Valve not seating properly valve bent, No valve clearance worn, or carbon ownera on the Cylinder, piston worn seating surface Piston ring bad worn, weak, broken, or Place the rear rotation sensor connector over the frame cross pipe.

Clutch Lever Free Play Adjustment There will be a gap [A] at the rear part of the holder after tightening. Inlet air temperature sensor trouble Inspect see chapter 3. Steering Stem Bearing Driver, Run the frame ground lead to outside of the other leads.

Water-proof Joint Ownrs 3. Don’t have an account?

Oxygen Sensor Equipped Models Page of Go. Align the white paint of the reserve tank over flow hose with the welding bead. Clutch Lever and Cable Then push and turn ownfrs further in the same direction and remove the cap.


ECU Main Relay An imbalance of less than 10 grams 0. The push rod does not return to its original position once it moves out to take up camshaft chain slack. Engine Oil and Oil Filter Nibja headlight comes on after the starter button is released and stays on until the ignition switch is turned off.

Ninja er-6fNinja er-6f abs. Standard Atmospheric Pressure Absolute Pv: Torque – Swingarm Pivot Shaft Nut: Battery 12 V 10 Ah 4.

Kawasaki Ninja R – Owner’s Manual – Pages – PDF

Main Fuse 30 A 4. Air suction valve trouble Inspect and replace see chapter 5. The service code memory is powered directly by the battery and cannot be canceled by the ignition switch.

If the display function does not work, replace the meter assembly. Thrust Washer, 30 mm 1.

Kawasaki Ninja 650R Service Manual

Inlet Air Temperature Sensor http: Front Right Turn Signal Light 7. Measure the clearance when engine is cold. ABS Hydraulic Unit 4. Clamp hold the rear wheel rotation sensor lead with the brake hose under the rear shock ab- sorber lower end.


2007 Kawasaki Ninja 650R Owner’s Manual PDF

Subthrottle Valve Actuator http: Main Fuse 30 A 8. A fully charged battery is a must for conducting accurate tests of the Minja system. Standard Spark Plug Type: To facilitate actual operations, notes, illustra- tions, photographs, cautions, and detailed descriptions have been included in each chapter wherever necessary. Front Brake Light Switch If the axle is damaged or bent, replace it.

Starter Relay Lead 4.

Kawasaki Ninja R Service Manual – ZX6R Forum

Before replacing a blown fuse, always check the amperage in the affected circuit. Also, permanent internal repairs have the advantage of permitting a thorough examination for secondary damage not visible from external inspection of the tire.

Subthrottle Sensor Lead 7. Such a shock to the part can damage it. How can cool down for engine heated? Water Temperature Warning Indicator Light: Special Tool woners Outside Circlip Pliers: Newly activated sealed batteries require an initial charge.