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Use only Ford recommended replacement fasteners. It can also warn you in the event the system is no longer capable of functioning as intended.

Available only in FM mode. D Drive with Overdrive The normal driving position for the best fuel economy. Power distribution box 5. This condensation is normal and will clear within 45 minutes of headlamp operation. Use all available road surface to return the vehicle to a safe direction of travel. Safety information Driving while distracted can result in loss of vehicle control, accident and injury.

Download the Ford Explorer Sport Trac Owners Manual in PDF Format

Slide open the tether anchor cover. For vehicles with adjustable head restraints, route the tether strap under the head restraint and between the head restraint posts, otherwise route the tether strap over the top of the seatback.


Owwners Loading The tires on your vehicle have all-weather treads to provide traction in rain and snow. Never adjust the accelerator and brake pedal with feet on the pedals while the vehicle is moving.


Overspray from these fluids could drip down into the internal electronics of the screen and cause damage. Do not lean your head on the door. USB port if equipped Driving while distracted can result in loss of vehicle control, accident and injury. Pull far enough off the road to avoid the danger of being hit when operating the jack or changing the wheel.

Front airbags are designed to activate only in frontal and near-frontal collisions, not rollovers, side-impacts, or rear-impacts unless the collision causes sufficient longitudinal deceleration.

Small children are particularly at risk. The system default is English. Install the new bulbs in reverse order. In general, the larger the number, the wider the tire. Increasing this setting from 1 lowest setting to 7 highest setting allows the radio volume to automatically change slightly with vehicle speed to compensate for road and wind noise.

Page 45 CD eplorer are designed to play commercially pressed 4. Too much power will ownerx the tires to slip, spin or lose traction, resulting in loss of vehicle control.

Refer to Replacing headlamp bulbs in the Lights sporg. Power Distribution Box Power Distribution Box before reconnecting the battery or refilling fluid reservoirs. If any light remains on after starting the vehicle, refer to the respective system warning light for additional information.

  DIN 28136 PDF

To obtain reimbursement information, U. The FUEL icon and arrow indicates which side of the vehicle the fuel door is located. Power steering fluid reservoir 8.

Ford Explorer Sport Trac Owners Manuals | Just Give Me The Damn Manual

Ask your fuel supplier about gasolines that meet the World-Wide Fuel Charter. The service is available: If the discs are not removed, the system will reload the discs. Use only fluid that meets Ford specifications. Failure to replace the Belt and Retractor assembly could increase the risk of injury in collisions.

A chime will also sound when a vord in the supplemental restraint system has been detected. To replace all instrument panel lights – see your authorized dealer. Remove the jumper cable from the ground metal surface.

This value is not the same fxplorer the average fuel economy display. Turn the engine off and wait a few minutes for the oil to drain into the oil pan.

Usb Port USB port if equipped Driving while distracted can result in loss of vehicle control, accident and injury.