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OPINION= PA) (The “issue of qualified immunity is a legal determination that we review de novo.”) (citing cases).] MS. MONK: And we would have. Employment Employment Law – Sex Discrimination; Termination. 12/10/ Dennis v. OSRAM . Here are a few recent First Circuit decisions of interest: 1. Glik v. Cunniffe [http:// ?OPINION=PA]. Here, the.

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The criminal charges were dropped because the state court found that he was exercising his First Amendment rights Glik then sued the PD in United States District Court asserting a civil claim for a violation of his First Amendment rights.

I argued that it was legal and he argued that it was not. I simply told him it was a subject that would be decided by the courts. You may hear this case come up from time to time and you should be familiar with it. Complete our petition at change. Laws making it illegal to record the actions of public employees in public are the purview of a police state.

May 4, at You are commenting using your WordPress. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Meanwhile, when you do shoot in public, how can you protect yourself? Email required Address never made public. June 1, at 4: January 9, at 4: The investigators discovered that she was recording them and she was arrested and charged with two counts of eavesdropping, Mr. They will win their cases. You are commenting using your Facebook account.

This terseness implicitly speaks to the fundamental and virtually self-evident nature of the First Amendment’s protections in this area. Notify me of new comments via email. Excerpt Read more at theagitator. Or as the defenders of police surveillance cameras so often repeat, “There is no reason to fear being photographed if you are doing nothing wrong.


E-mail us at chitaskforce gmail. Mike Luster June 9, at 9: US Court of Appeals decision last week. Basic First Amendment principles, along with case law from this and other circuits, answer that question unambiguously in the affirmative. Home About Media Donate. The primary focus of Free Concord is to provide coverage for liberty activism in the immediate area with a secondary focus for happenings around New Hampshire.

Glik v. Cunniffe Information

They should be scared of us. Opinions posted on Free Republic are those of the individual posters and do not necessarily represent the opinion of 176p4 Republic or its management.

The police arrested him because he was making an audio recording, ostensibly in violation of the Mass. I believe that I will reopen my case and win and I also believe in the victims who are jailed for expressing their private citizen rights.

Though liberty 001a is the focus of the site, we also seek to provide a community space for area activists in their independent ventures. The right to bear cameras is the non violent modern equivalent of the right to bear arms…. THIS can go along with the other articles from Videomaker.

See City of Houston v. Moore returned to Internal Affairs and was able to file a full complaint. As the editor of Modern Slavery, a journal of the libertarian critique of civilization, I find that the term and concept of anarchy separates the wheat from the chaff; 174p wit— those capable of free and critical thinking are drawn to the concept, while those who shrink from the word anarchy usually withdraw to vote, and otherwise waste their time and energy in supporting a system worthy only of derision and contempt.

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Glik v. Cunniffe, No. 10-1764 (1st Cir. 2011)

What is particularly notable about Iacobucci is the brevity of the First Amendment discussion, a characteristic found in other circuit opinions that have recognized a right to film government officials or matters of public interest in public space. The allegations of the 17644p establish that Glik was openly recording the police officers and that they were aware of his surveillance.


If a person is in public, do they have a right to privacy as far as their voice is concerned? Skip to content You may hear this case come up from time to time and you should be familiar with it. An affirmative finding on these inquiries does “not require a case directly on point, but existing precedent must have placed the. I am looking for the next Reagan. If there are no consequences to the cops, then the rides to jail will continue.

There are many factors that contribute to getting a good looking shot. Email required Address never made public.

If only the government has the ability to record, we will fall into a new tyranny. I know that they have the power to harass and destroy lives and not have to be accountable for 001a actions.

She is gonna win… and she should sue them for millions. What’s new New posts. June 1, at Leaning Right Not always. The 001a Amendment right to gather news is, as the Court has often noted, not one that inures solely to the benefit of the news media; rather, the public’s right of access to information is coextensive with that of the press.

First Circuit Panel Says There’s a Clear Constitutional Right To Openly Record Cops.

Moore is in Cook County Jail after another domestic dispute with her boyfriend, Mr. Read the entire New York Times article here. Basic First Amendment principles, along with case law from this and other circuits, answer that question unambiguously in the affirmative.