seri nolu Gelir Vergisi tebliği yayınlanmıştır. Kurumlar Vergisi Genel Tebliği (Seri No: 1)’Nde Değişiklik Yapılmasına Dair Tebliğ. 1 seri nolu kurumlar vergisi genel tebliği, Mustafa Dündar, İş Ortaklıklarının Vergilendirilmesi, TÜRMOB yay Ankara , p Ankara Vergi. Tahsilat Genel Tebliği Seri: A Sıra No: 1’de Amme Alacaklarının Rüçhan / 4 SERİ NOLU TAHSİLAT İÇ GENELGESİNDE YER ALAN ÖRNEKLER Sıra: Fatsa Vergi Dairesinin Kurumlar Vergisi için haczi (TL).

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Cities, 27 First of all we must recognize the avaibility of social processes that affect the natural processes of disasters.

Fourth study of this urban transportation part takes the subject about the interactions of urban land, by using the context of changes in transportation modes. Research Findings In the projects applied in practice, some school buildings were decided to be retrofit while some were decided to be replaced. Russian stove outer and section view s44 Design, However, in the other straight chimney noolu, the heated flue goes to the chimney outlet directly.

When this situation is evaluated in terms of an earthquake, buildings with corrosion in their equipment are considered as risky buildings due to the damage caused by corrosion. Aydin highlights that landslides are also another common natural disaster that has been prevalent in Turkey for the past decade.

Siyami Özkan – Vergi Uygulamaları

The firestone has a high value of specific heat and this feature of the material helps to keep the heat for a longer period. No studies have been found in the literature as to which components generate the building cost ratio or which factors affect this ratio.

They suggested new paths or thoughts about being more beautiful city with bicycles IZKA, n. Factors inluencing the retrofitting of existing ofice buildings using Adelaide, South Australia as a case study. Resimli, sembolik tabelalar b. The total surface area of the Russian stove is LTS regression is formulated as, 2.

Thus while recognizing that ecosystems or our living environment can be affected by disasters; humanity has often escaped the idea that just by protecting vrgisi living environment through conservation methodologies can both save lives and protect its livelihood from the adverse effects of natural disasters UNEP, Since these days, there are major improvements on building systems including heating systems.


In order to obtain the data, Istanbul Project Coordination Unit IPCU was contacted, and the projects of retrofitted or demolished and replaced of about school buildings affiliated to National Education Ministry in Turkey was accessed.

As the emittance of the heated flue is achieved, the energy performance of the stove increases. Furthermore, it continues emitting it through the house after extinguishing the fire.

Siyami Özkan

Artificial neural network architecture is demonstrated in Figure 2. If used for changing unwanted situations, conflicts become valuable and affect communities positively Atay Kaya, TS guided to define these values in this nolh. Related advance rulings and decisions of Court of Cassation. It was observed that the building total area affected the building cost ratio in the negative direction. However, classical regression techniques may be insuicient for predictions that are made for complex transport systems in our day.

The heated flue has significantly high kkurumlar during the burning process and this heat is the main source to cover space heating demand.

Serkan Taşcı SMMM

It may be surprising as to why the issues to do with the need of addressing environmental deterioration spread quickly around the The meeting was constructed with the demand of a new path appropriating the regulations and the criticism that the paths were closed for days in the coastal design period.

Finally, neurons in the output layer produce the prediction results of the network. In either way, internet and social media help to reach to a wide range of possible participants and supporters. A behavioral model of work-trip mode choice in Shanghai. The other waterbodies are spatially distributed within the country Misomali, The total heat transfer surface area for the convective and conductive heat transfer m2: Costs of building materials and production materials, costs of scaffolding, molds and mold-like materials, auxiliary materials and operating materials, etc.

Significant factors causing cost overruns in large construction projects in Malaysia. The fuel types may change locally as natural gas, wood, coal etc. Phiri Kocaeli University Malawi unlike Turkey, is rather a land locked country located in the south-eastern part of Africa and shares boarders with Tanzania in the North, Mozambique surrounding the boarders of Malawi from East-Southern to South- Western parts and Zambia in the Western side.


We believe that such studies would contribute to the development of debates may come together in social and scientific sciences and also with a view of artistic perspective when it is related with the city, environment and architecture, encourage interdisciplinary approaches.

Therefore, the information gathered establishes majorly the common disasters affecting the two countries and later establishes whether they have environmental conservation programs that are effective and efficient. However, there are few studies in which the costs of demolition are examined directly. The number of versions of a model for multinomial choice is predicted. This concept further indicates the need to use methodologies that will reduce the devastation of the natural environment and hence result in increased vulnerability to disaster occurrences.

Victoria Transport Policy Institute. Thus, both at field and policy level, a realization of perfectly integrated management of land, water and living resources considered human needs; ultimately must become a major concern and vision of a just world that values and conserves nature UNESCO, Q All News Contact Information.

Procedia – Social and Behavioral Sciences, Chemometrics and Intelligent Laboratory Systems, According to the results, the ANFIS and ANNs models are more successful than classical models that represent non-linear models for mode choice of intercity freight transport Tortum et al. Growing up in the inner city; green spaces as places to grow. Tweets presenting the efforts of municipality on promoting cycling includes bicycle friendly designs, bicycle parking areas integrated with public transportation hubs and bicycle friendly arrangements in public vehicles such as light rail systems and ships Figure 7.

Transport Policy, 57, Predictions for transportation modelling are usually based on simple regression analysis. Skip to main content. The construction sector accounts for an average of In this study, it was determined what variables influenced the decision to retrofitting or replacement a building.